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Can you leave your body?
Welcome Astral Surfers!

I've recently split most of the sections of this library into separate pages to enhance load speeds. The best way to navigate is by using the Table of Contents or the side navigation frame with back and forward JAVA buttons. A good place to start is the What's New? section, below. By the way, the admission price for this library is an act of kindness.

Note to Publishers: I am currently looking for a Publisher for three astral projection related projects (one completed, one underway and one I am researching).

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Use Notice: The inclusion of items is not and should not be construed to be an endorsement of any kind. Leaving the body is inherently personal and you must decide for yourself whether an item is right for you. You are your own best teacher and guide! The links and materials presented here represent the views of the respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of this Astral Library or its host. I advocate completely natural projections and advise against the use of drugs, software or mind-type equipment.

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Can you leave your body?

What's New?


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