Frequently asked questions
about Newt Gingrich

The Congressional and District offices answer questions from constituents on a daily basis. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Newt Gingrich:

  1. How do I write to Congressman Gingrich?
    Sixth District constituents can call or write either the Washington, D.C. or Marietta, GA, offices of Congressman Newt Gingrich for comments or questions about legislation or for assistance with any federal agency. An e-mail message may be sent via Citizen Direct.
  2. What is the proper form of address for a Congressman?
    The proper form of address is "Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich." In writing it is "Dear Mr. Speaker." But, at home in the Sixth District, he has said he prefers being called "Newt."
  3. What are the two lapel pins he wears? What is his favorite charity?
    Newt Gingrich wears two lapel pins. The gold one is for Earning by Learning, a reading program that he started for underprivileged children. The white one is for Habitat for Humanity, which uses volunteers to build homes for the poor. He has raised money for both causes. Since becoming Speaker in 1995, Gingrich has raised $2.1 million for charities.
  4. What did Newt do before he was a congressman? What schools did he attend?
    Gingrich was a college professor before his election to Congress. For complete information see his biography.
  5. Can Newt help me with a problem with a federal agency?
    The district office in east Cobb is staffed to assist constituents in cutting through the red tape of federal government. Call or write the Sixth District office for assistance. If you live outside the Sixth District of Georgia, Congressional rules require that you contact your Congressman or Senator for assistance. Look up your Congressman.
  6. What is the status of a certain piece of legislation?
    We invite you to use The Thomas system to keep track of legislation.
  7. What does Newt do in his spare time?
    On his days off, Newt like to relax as his home in east Cobb, read a book, shop with his wife, Marianne, or go hiking at Kennesaw Mountain.
  8. What is Newt's religion.
    He is Baptist.
  9. What started his interest in animals and Dinosaurs?
    Newt's early career goals included being either a zookeeper or a paleontologist. He campaigned for a zoo in his hometown of Harrisburg, Pa., when he was just a boy. He has donated several animals to Zoo Atlanta, including black rhinos and kimodo dragons.
  10. How old is Newt and where was he born?
    Newton Leroy McPherson was born on June 17, 1943 in Harrisburg, Pa. His stepfather, Robert Gingrich, adopted him after marrying Newt's mother, Katherine "Kit" Gingrich.

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