Australian Human Rights and Civil Rights Papers

This page contains a number of papers and hotlinks relating to human rights. It will focus on Australian issues and matters but also contains a compendium of international links.

Australian Issues

Bill of Rights
Equal Opportunity Law
Freedom of Information
Human Rights in Australia (General)
Parliamentary Protection of Rights
Privacy Issues
Australian Based Human Rights Groups

International Human Rights Links

Human Rights in Australia (General)

United States State Department Report on Human Rights Practices in Australia 1995

Bill of Rights

Australia has no Bill of Rights entrenched in any of its Commonwealth or State Constitutions. However, Australia has one of the best human rights records in the world. Perhaps the innate national characteristics of tolerance and a `fair-go' are of more importance than black letter law. There are several relevant links on this page under Parliamentary Protection of Rights. Some interesting materials may be found at:
ACT Government Discussion Paper on a Bill of Rights

The New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990

The British Bill of Rights 1689

The U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Parliamentary v Judicial Protection of Rights: Canada v Victoria. by Brian Holland.

Equal Opportunity Law in Australia

Equal Opportunity Law in Australia courtesy of the South Australian Equal Opportunity Commission

The Human Rights Office of the Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Debate on Euthenasia

The debate has become quite significant since the Northern Territory Parliament passed legislation in May 1995. At this stage this link only contains the legislation.

Northern Territory Rights of the Terminally Ill Bill

Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information Home Page

Parliamentary Protection of Human Rights

 Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee. This is a link to the papers of the human rights committee of the Victorian Parliament.

Parliamentary Protection of Rights in Victoria.

Privacy Issues

Data Protection Advisory Council

Australian Privacy Charter prepared by the Australian Privacy Council.

Australian Based Human Rights Groups

Amnesty International Australia - Victorian Branch

Australian Council for Overseas Aid Human Rights Office

Australia Tibet Council

East Timor Human Rights office

Victorian Council for Civil Liberties A state based civil liberties group.

International Links Relating to Human Rights

International Human Rights and Humanitarian Assistance presented by The Human Rights Interactive Network

Amnesty International

DIANA - an international Human Rights database giving access to primary and secondary human rights documents.

Human Rights Brief a magazine from American University's Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.

Human Rights Conventions on University of Essex Gopher

Human Rights Resources from IGC

Human Rights Web Home Page

Human-Rights News Including Alerts and Issues.

Human Rights Watch

International Law and Human Rights through the Doddel Server

Minnesota Human Rights Library.

The Norwegian Human Rights Collection

Parliamentary Human Rights Foundation.

PeaceNet's Human Rights Gopher, highlighting human rights information found on the left-of-centre PeaceNet and its partner networks.

Rights & Wrongs, a television newsmagazine series that focuses on human rights.

The United Nations

Country Reports from the US State Department, 1995.

Human Rights Papers

`Humanitarian Intervention in the New World Order'

"The Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee: Its role in and impact on Parliamentary Process since November 1992" by Marie Henwood.

Parliamentary v Judicial Protection of Rights: Canada v Victoria. by Brian Holland.

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