June 1996

FourthNet introduce full range of Web tools into Europe

The WWW authoring suite that does the lot - from animation to Java applets

FourthNet, the exclusive European distributors of HotDog, the Web authoring package from Sausage Software, are now to market the complete suite of Sausage products. These enhancement and add-on products are called Snaglets derived from a combination of the Australian slang for a sausage (snag) and the term applet. They include:

Egor A commercial Java application that brings animation within the reach of non-programmers. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to create professional-looking animations. The 32-bit version supports long filenames and the ability to associate URLs and sounds with each animation frame ( in addition to a soundtrack).

Weenies are sets of ready-made packs of theme-related GIF images that can be placed into Web page animations. They are an excellent complement to Egor.

CrossEye A client-side image-map editing utility that enables the creation of clickable hotspots on graphic images without having to use a CGI script.

FrameGang. Assuming some basic knowledge of HTML frames, FrameGang makes the creation of framed Web pages relatively easy. In-depth tutorials and help features are included. Just choose a basic row or column format for the frames, drag to resize individual frames and add new rows and columns as required. Frames can be made resizable, scrolling or fixed size. FrameGang then creates the HTML code for pasting into the HotDog Web editor.

Clikette enables the creation of graphic 3D buttons that can be linked to multiple URL destinations. You can create your own GIF or JPEG images for the button face or use the ones shipped with Clikette. Control over the amount of bevel and the direction of the light source is provided. Up to 50 hyperlinks can be associated with a button and it is possible to specify a plain button or a button that gives a pull-down list.

Flash is a tool for generating forward, reverse or random scrolling text displayed on the browser's status line. Styles are normal, scroll or typewriter text.

Dummy. A good Web authoring program can still be used to create bad Web pages. Dummy is a program that guides less artistic users in the creation of pages that are both interesting and visually appealing. It is not a variant of HotDog but has been designed specifically for first-time Web authors and makes extensive use of pre-generated style templates and options.

Swami Salami is a snaglet that animates text strings to make them jump, ripple, expand, slide around and generally create eye-catching effects. The effects are created using numeric parameters with full control the effect speed through a speed slider. The effect is then compiled into a Java applet that can be inserted directly into any HTML document.

Bookworm is a JAVA based program that allows users to add multi-link jump boxes to Web pages. Each window list, scrolling window or pull-down menu box can contain a virtually infinite number of links to different URL destinations. Bookmarks can be imported and converted into Bookworm lists. Bookworm can handle protocols other than HTTP - it can be used to launch FTP, Telnet, Mail or News sessions.

Snatch allows Web sites to be grabbed on-line for subsequent browsing off-line. Just specify target URL, or URLs, local directory to save to, the depth of links to follow within the site or outside of the site, how much space is to be made available on the hard drive, and whether or not to download images or applets. The program then does the rest.

FourthNet's Web site can be found at http://www.fourthnet.co.uk/ or you can go directly to the HotDog and Snaglets areas at http://www.fourthnet.co.uk/hotdog/

FourthNet is active in numerous data communications areas including Internet/Intranet services and systems, PSTN/ISDN dial up and leased line provision, Web server facilities management, local and wide area network connectivity, remote access, firewalls and E-mail Integration including the ISOCOR range of total-solution integrated electronic messaging systems for Intranet and Internet.

FourthNet has a high level of expertise in Windows NT products and supplies numerous products to this market including the Purveyor WebServer range. The Company is an authorised reseller for Pipex, Sun, Novell, Cisco, Bay Networks, Telebit, Allied Telesyn International and Modular Technology, and is the exclusive European distributor for Sausage Software's HotDog Web authoring package.

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