Front cover of Toxic Graffiti Page 24 of Toxic Gaffiti.

Toxic Grafity, which came with a 3-song CRASS flexi-disc, is a forty page compilation of band lyrics, articles, pictures and comics. Many of the bands on Bullshit Detector, Volume 1 (The Eratics, Throbbing Gristle, etc.) contributed to Toxic Grafity, as well. The cover and page 24 of the 'zine are pictured above.

This flexi, Rival Tribal Rebel Revel, pictured below, also came out on vinyl.

Image of the flexidisc, Rival Tribal Rebel Revel, which came with
Toxic Graffiti.

Bully Boys Out Fighting. It's Just the Same Old Game. Real Fucking Idiots.

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