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Off Limits Denver's "First Lady" gets T'd off.

August 8-14, 1996.

F e a t u r e s

Cover This Jail for Hire
Colorado's cheap solution to prison overcrowding has cost inmates plenty. It could cost the state millions. Fourth in a series.
By Alan Prendergast

Home Boys
The state orphanage sheltered almost 17,000 children over the years. That makes for one big family reunion.
By Steve Jackson

C o l u m n s

Grand Illusions at Rocky Flats
By Patricia Calhoun

Games Networks Play
By Bill Gallo

C i t y L i m i t s

Photo The Wheels of Justice
A lawsuit on behalf of handicapped state prisoners moves toward a settlement.
By Karen Bowers

This Old Mansion
Who decides on a new rug at the governor's pad? A little-known state commission.
By Stuart Steers

Dead, Schmed
So what's with all these Jewish Deadheads? Doug Gertner has a theory or two.
By Michael Roberts

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