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The AAAAI recently launched the Allergy and Asthma Disease Management Center (AADMC) on the free, private and secure professional online network, Physicians’ Online (POL). This site will give all physicians access to complex and specialized medical information enabling them to give the best patient care possible when dealing with allergic diseases, and specifically asthma.

The AADMC on POL is divided into four major sections for easy browsing. The Meetings/ Calendars section will provide an up-to-date listing of allergy and asthma related events, including CME/CEU courses. The In the News section contains recent articles from the AAAAI’s publication Academy News as well as a collection of articles called, What your patients are reading. These articles are found in the general media and include a commentary from the AAAAI’s medical editor, Burton Zweiman, M.D. The Current Literature section contains AAAAI position statements, and allergy and asthma practice parameters compiled by the Joint Task Force on Practice Parameters. The site also features an Ask the Expert section which allows physicians to send questions to Academy allergists and get expert opinions. In the complex medical field of allergic diseases a specialist is often needed for diagnosis, treatment and consultation.

The AADMC is supported through an unrestricted educational grant from Hoechst Marion Roussel.

Physicians' Online (POL) is a private and secure professional network provided to physicians free of charge. Members have access to e-mail, private discussion groups, Medline searches, as well as five free hours a month of Web access. With over 125,000 members, POL is the largest online information and communication network of physicians. If you would like to become a member of Physicians' Online, call 800/332-0009 to order program disks. This number also provides access to technical support. POL has 25 trained technical experts to help with any step of the "getting connected" process.

To become a POL member, e-mail at the AAAAI executive office or call 800/332-0009.

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