Online papers on consciousness 

Compiled by David Chalmers  

This is a directory of about 190 online papers on consciousness and closely related topics.  Suggestions for addition are welcome (N.B. most papers are by academic philosophers or scientists). 

For other sources of online papers, see: 

The Concept of Consciousness 

The Explanatory Gap 

Materialism and Dualism 

Metaphysics of Consciousness 



Consciousness and Intentionality 

The Function of Consciousness 

The Self and Personal Identity 

Philosophy of Consciousness (Misc.) 

Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence 

The Chinese room

Gödel's theorem and AI 

Consciousness and Neuroscience 

Cognitive Models of Consciousness 

Unconscious Perception 

Implicit Learning and Implicit Memory 

Consciousness and Psychology (Misc.) 

Animal Consciousness 

Consciousness and Physics 



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