Please note that this is not the MIT home page, but the home page of the Student Information Processing Board WWW server. Welcome!

The URL for the official MIT home page and official information about MIT is

New to the World Wide Web? Maybe you don't know Mosaic from HTTPD? Check out The World Wide Web for the Clueless, a quick, non-jargon intro to WWW and our server.

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What's New?

New and interesting things that are happening to the SIPB WWW server.

Other Servers around MIT

Other WWW (and non-WWW) servers on MITNet, including those added by Resnet, the project to network the MIT Undergraduate Residences.

Useful Services and Gateways

Gateways to useful programs and links to useful services local and world-wide. Local gateways and services are zlocate, weather (it's flaky right now; we know), radio callsigns, cview, discuss, geographic nameserver, server stats (under new construction), MITSFS Pinkdex, cluster maps, finger, machine information, The Freshman Fishwrap (MIT only), and frequently asked OLC questions.

Home Pages of MIT People (Comprehensive Version)

Over 2800 home pages of people around MIT, including students, staff and alumni as well as people with `less traditional' relationships to MIT. An outstanding collection of links all over the place. Try the alphabetically subdivided listing of homepages --- though please note it may not be as up to date.

MIT Organizations and Activities

Organizations, activities, and living groups at MIT. Academic subjects, departments, and research groups are now listed on the Academics and Research page on the official MIT Web server.

Interesting Documents

Interesting documents for learning about and getting around in the Web (and other places too).

Fun Stuff

The lighter side of our web server...

There's a tourist information booth in the town of Detour, Maryland. The most common question its workers encounter is from tourists, who faithfully followed the signs that say "Detour," and want to know "How do I get back onto the highway?"

If you're wondering why this story appears on our home page, it's to say that if you're looking for the MIT home page, you've just followed the information highway to the town of Detour. To get to the MIT home page, follow these signs:

MIT Home Page

The MIT WWW server provides academic and administrative information about MIT and its departments, research centers, and labs; how to apply, how to contact MIT offices, how to get PGP, and other useful information. The MIT WWW server has nothing to do with our server.

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