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Killer Apps: People are being killed and injured by faulty software.


Last updated 5:50 p.m. EDT on Friday, 7/11

FedEx lures IS pros to Memphis.

This week's features

Red alert
When disaster strikes, the nation's emergency response organizations are hampered by incompatible computer systems, slow setup of communications facilities and inadequate voice service. We look at how better systems may have helped victims of such disasters as the Oklahoma City bombing and Hurricane Marilyn, and at what improvements are in store. Plus, a comprehensive list of crisis management resources.

Doing better consultant contracts
Consultants can bring great value to any IS project — if their responsibilities and benchmarks are clearly spelled out in the contract. Here are some tips for avoiding pitfalls in consulting relationships. In Careers.

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* Today's Editor's Roundtable covers the executive changes going on at Apple; the European electronic commerce agreement and encryption.

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HP to cut desktop prices by 24 percent

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If Microsoft bought CBS...

Has your company come to grips with its year 2000 conversion project?

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