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Company Background and History


Data-Tech Software was founded in 1987 to develop and distribute world-class small business accounting software for Australian small businesses.

In 1991 Data-Tech Software established a republishing arrangement with BestWare of New Jersey to republish their M.Y.O.B. Accounting software in Australia.

Based on Data-Tech Software's success in Australia this republishing arrangement was extended in following years to include Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.

In 1996 the owners of Data-Tech Software secured the world-wide rights to M.Y.O.B. and acquired the operations of BestWare Inc of New Jersey, USA.

Combining the operation of Data-Tech Software and BestWare has created a multi-national software publishing partnership which is focused on delivering world-best accounting software specifically tailored to the regulatory and business requirements of specific countries.

M.Y.O.B. Accounting is now available in 8 distinct localised versions details of which can be found at http://www.myob.com/

In 1996 Data-Tech Software was honoured to be named "Australian Small Business of the Year" in the annual Telstra & Australian Governments Small Business Awards.



Data-Tech Software has operations in two major commercial centres of Australia, namely Sydney and Melbourne. The offices are specialised as follows;

Melbourne - Operations including Orders, Warehousing and Production, R&D, Customer Service,Technical Support and Accounts.
PO Box 371
Blackburn VIC 3130
Ph 03 9222 9777 * Fax 03 9222 9888 * Support fax 03 9222 9899

Sydney - Sales & Marketing
PO Box 6093
North Sydney NSW 2087
Ph 02 9770 9000 * Fax 02 9770 9088

General enquiries


Markets and Products

Data-Tech Software is focused on servicing the needs of small businesses. This comprises a very diverse cross-section of business types and sizes. It ranges at one extreme from small sole proprietors with revenues of $100,000, to businesses employing over 50 people and with turnovers exceeding $15-$20 million per annum.

The products with which these markets are addressed comprise M.Y.O.B. FirstAccounts, M.Y.O.B.Accounting, M.Y.O.B.Accounting with Payroll and PayCheque Pro. All of these products operate on the Windows and Macintosh platforms.




M.Y.O.B. Accounting, a software program that enables small businesses to "Mind Your Own Business," is released in the United States for the MacOS in September. It's a fully-integrated small business accounting program that includes General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory.


M.Y.O.B. Accounting for Windows is released in June. Meeting with immediate success, it is rated the "Best Value for Windows" by PC/Computing Magazine and awarded the WIN 100 by Windows Magazine.

M.Y.O.B. Accounting for Macintosh wins the Macworld World Class Award.

M.Y.O.B. Accounting is introduced in Australia in February. The popularity in Australia is further underscored by the awarding of two Australian Macworld World Class Awards for Best Accounting Software and Best Newcomer -- Software.


The first Canadian, United Kingdom and New Zealand editions of M.Y.O.B. Accounting are introduced. They immediately find a welcome place on retail shelves and develop a strong following among savvy accountants and business owners.

M.Y.O.B. Accounting is a clear favourite with computing publications winning six awards during the year, including PC Magazine's Editor's Choice, Macworld World Class Award, Macworld Editor's Choice, MacUser Editor's Choice "Eddy," PC World Best Buy, and Home Office Computing Editor's Pick.

M.Y.O.B. Accounting wins a second Australian Macworld World Class Award for Best Accounting Software.


M.Y.O.B. Accounting continues to be a favourite of the computer press receiving Four Mice from MacUser magazine and repeating as winner of the Macworld World Class and Windows Magazine WIN 100 awards.

In the U.K., M.Y.O.B. Accounting is selected by What PC magazine as a Best Buy for Small Business Accounting. What PC is one of the largest consumer computer publications in England. Another leading U.K. magazine, PC Plus, names M.Y.O.B. Accounting to its 1993 PC Plus Products of the Year Team.

M.Y.O.B. Accounting's popularity in New Zealand is confirmed when it wins a PC World Best Buy Award in that country.

M.Y.O.B. Accounting wins an unprecedented third Australian Macworld World Class Award for best accounting software.


Version 5.0 of M.Y.O.B. Accounting is released and receives industry praise, winning the MacUser Editor's Choice "Eddy" and Home Office Computing Editor's Pick awards.

M.Y.O.B. Accounting wins a fourth-straight Australian Macworld World Class Award.

M.Y.O.B. Accounting is released in Malaysia and South Africa.

M.Y.O.B. Accounting with Payroll is released in Australia. This fully-integrated Payroll is an immediate hit with Australian small businesses.


The M.Y.O.B. Quality Consultant Panel (QCP) is established in Australia to provide a level of professional support for Australian small businesses. QCP members are a group of independent professionals from accounting and/or computer fields that aid in the initial set-up as well as advanced counseling and training of M.Y.O.B. products.

M.Y.O.B. Accounting Version 5.0 for Canada is launched in February to be followed in the summer by an all-new edition with true Canadian Payroll. BestWare's Toronto office opens in May to serve Canadian resellers and establish Certified Consultant program.

BestWare (UK) Ltd. subsidiary is created in Hertfordshire, England to handle marketing and localization of M.Y.O.B. Accounting in the United Kingdom.

The 35,000th copy of M.Y.O.B. Accounting is sold in Australia making it Australia's favourite accounting software. M.Y.O.B. Accounting is selected as a PC User magazine Editor's Choice in May.

PC World selects M.Y.O.B. Accounting Version 5.0 as a Best Buy for small business accounting software in September.

BestWare rolls out M.Y.O.B. Accounting Version 6.0 (US) in December.


M.Y.O.B. Accounting wins Macworld World Class Award - Business Software, HomePCs Editor's Choice - Business Software, and PC User (New Zealand) Editor's Choice

Macworld Australia taps M.Y.O.B. as the Reader's Choice Best All-Time Product (1985-95) of the Decade.

BestWare joins with Data-Tech Software to create a multi-national software publishing partnership.

Data-Tech Software was honoured to be named the "Australian Small Business of the Year" in annual Telstra and Australian Governments Small Business Awards.

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