The Laugh Doctor

National Enquirer published this cartoon 12/10/96.

The National Enquirer published this cartoon in
their December 10, 1996, edition.

"They say laughter is the best medicine and I've got your prescription. I draw cartoons and mail them to magazines. Sometimes they send me checks. I'll send you a slanted batch of toons with no obligation."

This guy is big on special assignments and humorous illustration. He'll submit roughs or draw up any cartoon idea you may have. There is no charge unless you buy! Just fill out the form below and press the submit button and the Laugh Doctor will get your order. Or, you can print this page and mail the order form to the address below.

Keith Duhon
112 E. 1st Street
Kaplan, LA 70548

Hey Keith!

I'm Interested! Send me a batch of cartoons at no obligation.

I'll send you a copy of our publication.




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