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My Girlfriend and IThe "Meese" and Me

Welcome to my Web Page! I hope you find some usefull information or appealing links here. Please, make yourself at home. Oh, and before you forget, please sign my Guestbook if you don't mind. Thanks!

First off, I work at USI / Microage Computers. I've been employed there for six years. My main job is Novell Network support. I'm a CNE or Certified Novell Engineer, having earned this title when I first started at USI.

My girlfriend and I (in the picture above) have been together over nine years. We live near Lafayette, LA, in a modest home. We enjoy going fishing together, and going on vacations where any fishing or camping is involved.

My main hobbies besides fishing are computers and networking, which explains why I like my job so much! I'm also an amateur astronomer, and observe the heavens when I can. My other hobby is investigation into the nebulous world of Unexplained Phenomenon, namely, UFOs. I take a skeptical approach to it, not totally believing anything I read unless I see it for myself. If you approach this with an open mind, you'll definitely find a real mystery here.

BTW, thanks goes to Firstnet of Acadiana for a great site to put a web page on. They are really the best! Now, I guess I'll show you a few links to other sites.

Hale-Bopp Astronomy

My Pictures of Comet Hale-Bopp! [new]

My Pictures of Comet Hyakutake from 1996.

UFOnet LogoUFO Sightings Network

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Recent Sightings and UFO Related News

  • Roswell UFO Crash Evidence Proven to be of Extra-Terrestrial Origin? [new]
  • UFO Roundup - Recent UFO Related News and Sightings at UFO INFO - Updated Weekly
  • OVNI Chapterhouse - Recent Sightings on Videotape - 7/97 [updated
  • Triangular Object Sighted in Thousand Oaks, CA - 12/6/96
  • Account of Sighting in Camarillo - 12/2/96
  • Does Comet Hale-Bopp Have a UFO Following It? Probably Not!- 11/14/96 [updated]
  • The Islander, Skywatch Diary (Gulf Breeze UFO Activity) - Updated Periodically
  • UFO Sighting over Rockland, NY - 3/17/96
  • UFO Sighting in Maurice, LA! - 12/12/95
  • UFO Video Taped - West Columbia, TX 11/15/95
  • Morgan County UFO Case 11/12/95
  • MY UFO SIGHTING 11/8/95
  • My Girlfriend's Sighting 9/24/95
  • National UFO Reporting Center
  • Fleetwood Project UFO Reporting Site
  • WWW Sightings Network Home Page
  • View Sighting Reports Contributed by My Guests
  • General UFO Links

  • Alberta UFO Research Association (AUFORA) 
  • Science, Logic, and the UFO Debate
  • Dale Musser's Alien Visitor Web Site 
  • Int. Society for UFO Research 
  • Paranet WWW Site 
  • CNINEWS Home Page Site 
  • MUFON WWW Site 
  • Saucer Smear! 
  • Down-N-Dirty Saucer Pix 
  • Whitley Strieber's Web Site 
  • UFO Books For Sale 
  • Internet UFO Group Media Page
  • Yahoo UFO Search 
  • The WWW Virtual Library: UFOs 
  • The E.B.E. Page 
  • CUFON - FOIA UFO Documents! 
  • Malta UFO Research 
  • UFO Folklore 
  • Dragonbane's UFO Files Archive 
  • CSETI Home Page [new] 
  • Internet UFO Group - Hyperlinks 
  • Skeptics Info (Royston Paynter) 
  • The Alberta UFO Research Asso. 
  • UFOS in the 90's 
  • Smitty's UFO Page 
  • Fortean Times 
  • Ufologists Database 
  • Area 51 Research Center 
  • The Ultimate Links Page: Paranormal Links 
  • Abductees' Anonymous 
  • James Easton's UFO Phenomenon 
  • Messages From Distant Children 
  • The "Face on Mars" 
  • Center for UFO Studies 
    UFO Related Newsgroups
  • Alt.Alien.Visitors 
  • Alt.Paranet.UFO 
  • Alt.UFO.Reports 
  • Alt.Paranet.Abduct 

    Earth's WeatherWeather Related Links

  • Louisiana Radar Summary
  • Purdue Weather Processor
  • INTELLiCast: Lafayette Weather
  • INTELLiCast: Lake Charles Weather
  • INTELLiCast: USA Weather
  • Current Satellite Images
  • Weather World General Menu
  • USGS Marine and Coastal Geology
  • Gateway to Antarctica - News

  • StartWindows '95

  • Jeff New's Windows 95 Page (*Tons of Links!)
  • Windows95.Com 32-bit Shareware
  • Windows 96
  • Frank Condron's Windows 95 Page

  • Misc. Links

  • The Laugh Doctor (*Cartoons drawn to order by Keith Duhon!)
  • Excite Internet Search (*One of the best!)
  • La. Lotto Winning Numbers
  • Jonathan Campbell's Web Page(*Mac Links)
  • Robert Greer's Home Page (*Netscape 2.0 Enhanced!)
  • Cajunland.Com (*Acadiana's Home on the Web!)
  • Three Under Par (*For the Golf Enthusiast!)
  • The Displaced Cajun's Homepage(*Can anyone help this displaced Cajun home?)
  • Louisiana Fishing (*Venice, LA Area Fishing w/RealAudio Reports!)
  • Stokes Tropical Plants WWW Site (*For the Tropical Plant Lover)
  • "Allons!" Cajun Magazine(*Awesome! Has "Talking" links via Voxware.)

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