National Print:
Robert Block - The Fall of Srebrenica (The Independent)

Rod Nordland - "Death of a Village" (Newsweek)

Television News:
ITN Channel Four News - "War Crimes in Bosnia"

Television Documentary:
"Delta Force" (Catma Films for Channel Four)

BBC Radio 4 - 'Out of the Fire'

Theodore Liasi - Land mine victim in Kabul

Welcome to the fifth Amnesty International UK Press Awards - and the first whose winners are featured on the Amnesty International UK Web site. Please take some time to look around the winners' pages: we trust that what you see and hear will inspire you as it did us.

The late Ken Saro-Wiwa, leader of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni Peoples. "I have suffered great inconvenience," he told the makers of 'Delta Force' while under house arrest. "But I guess I'm used to it and I expect a lot more of it." Saro-Wiwa's son, Ken Wiwa, presented the Overall Winner award at the ceremony, and vowed to continue the Ogoni struggle.

This is our one opportunity in the year to acknowledge the creativity, skills and sheer determination that it takes to get the news out, and in such a way as to educate and alert millions of viewers, listeners and readers.

Without these journalists, who expose the unpalatable and highlight the hypocrisy of those who kill and torture, the guilty would be even less inclined than they are now to consider the implications of their actions. They portray the killers and the torturers in their true light and in this respect their work and that of Amnesty International is inextricably linked.

This year's Overall Winner

The Overall Winner award, which was presented by Ken Wiwa, went to the ITN Channel Four News team for its coverage of 'War Crimes in Bosnia'.

Refugees in Srebrenica, after the Serbs had seized the 'safe area'. Under the eyes of the United Nations, families were split up and the menfolk separated. Thousands were summarily executed, and thrown into mass graves.

This still is from film shot by a Serb cameraman, and shows the refugees being herded into coaches. It forms part of the award-winning ITN Channel Four News report 'War Crimes in Bosnia'.

A year ago we had not witnessed the fall of Srebrenica. Now we have. And surely the gut-wrenching scenes of innocent men and women being taken from coaches, prior to certain death for some of them, will live with us forever. And if those images, brought to us by people like the winners celebrated here, are to be more than last year's news, please support the work of Amnesty International and help prevent the scenes of Srebrenica recurring in another time and place.

Amnesty International works worldwide for the release of prisoners of conscience, fair trials for political prisoners and an end to torture, extrajudicial executions, 'disappearances' and the death penalty.

All images on this page are copyright protected, and are used with the permission of the award-winning entrants.

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