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  Millicent Microcommerce System

Welcome to the Millicent Web Site!

The MillicentTM system is the basis for a new way to buy and sell content in very small amounts over the Internet. The system supports transactions as small as 1/10th of a cent up to $5.00 in size. Microcommerce transactions in this range are important to online publishers that want to sell newspapers by the article, cartoons by the strip, or music by the song. Software providers targeting the Network Computer (NC) market can use the Millicent system to sell Java applets and host-based applications on a per-use basis. In an Intranet setting, Millicent software acts as an Web-aware accountant that meters access to information systems and to services inside the enterprise.

We invite you to explore this Web server to learn more about the Millicent system, how it will be deployed and how you can get involved. If you would like to be kept abreast of Millicent developments, please send email to We'll be happy to add you to the Millicent interest list.


What's New

DIGITAL to launch public microcommerce trial. Interested vendors and brokers are invited to participate now in a private trial. Summary.

Fall Internet World 96

DIGITAL recently teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund to demonstrate the Millicent system at Fall Internet World. Summary.

Fall DECUS / Anaheim
DIGITAL staged the first, large-scale public demonstration of Millicent technology at DECUS / Anaheim '96. 2000+ users take the microcommerce system for a test drive. Summary.

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Updated: 10 March 1997