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Dan Connolly

This is the part of my brain that I'm happy to share with the world. It is designed to save me the trouble of answering questions individually to lots of people; that is, to increase the efficiency of working in groups.

Dan Connolly
last revised $Date: 1997/06/03$
created Feb 1994

Contact Information

Dan Connolly
Architecture Domain Lead

+1 512 310-2971
(call or send email to get my fax number)
2302 Alimony Cove
Austin, TX 78727-3149

Feel free to contact me in regard to the above W3C Activities, and in response to postings to various internet forums.

If you're thinking of asking me a question by mail or phone, consider that most of what I know and what I find interesting is available by browsing around here. Unless you've got reason to believe that I'm the only one who has the answer, please try the web info here at W3C, or the search services, newsgroups, or mailing lists first. Well-researched questions are welcome, but if you just send me mail without doing your homework first, I'll probably just send you my clue.txt file.

Spam is not tolerated. That includes phone solicitations during business hours.

If you plan to visit, I suggest you consult MapQuest for map and directions. (I wish I could just link to a relavent map, but I can't seem to figure out how to do that.)

In former lives, you might have known me as connolly@hal.com, connolly@atrium.com, or connolly@convex.com.

Sometimes I make reference to some tool, project, or technology in a mail message or article, without citing a source (shame on me!). You can probably find the same way I did: in an automated search service or edited collection.

If things are working just right (which they often are not) you can check Dan's office cam to see if I'm in.

My Contributions to the Net/Web Community

Highlights of events, publications, code, etc., roughly in newest-first order

Jun 96
W3C/OMG workshop on distributed objects and mobile code
Spring 96
edited Issue 2 of the Web Journal, a W3C/O'Reilly publication
Nov 95
edited the HTML 2.0 specification, aka RFC1866
Oct 95
An Evaluation of the World Wide Web as a Platform for Electronic Commerce
Nov 94
HalSoft HTML Validation Service, now the HTML Validation Service and Toolkit, mainained by Mark Gaither.
Feb 93
Sep 92
XcRichText a Motif Widget to display rich text

My calendar of events includes trip reports from past events, plus info about future interesting events. If you need a short bio for a conference program, see: my entry in the "W3C People"

I keep some support info on the code above. My WWW Research Notebook has been almost completely merged into the W3C web in general.

I have participated in several working groups of the Internet Engineering Task Force, especially HTML, URI, and HTTP.

You may use my PGP key to check digital signatures that I've made, provided you know anybody that's signed it! (This is my new 1024 bit key. I'll sign it with my old 512 bit key from HaL when I get a chance.)

What I think...

Cite a Source! Don't take my word for it, look it up!
I consider it extrememly valuable and important for people who answer questions or otherwise give information in electronic discussion forums to cite a source. The exception is personal opinions and analysis, which should be clearly identified as such. (e.g. IMHO). The web makes it so easy that there is really no excuse not to. Why is it valuable?
Spec Development is a pain!
We need some good tools for collaborative development and distribution of specs.
ApacheWeek is cool
These guys do a great job with Apache and HTTP issues in general. Check it out!
USENET is worth saving
See Boutell on Saving USENET
The MENU element should work with stylesheets
... to represent the following idiom:

Search | Index | Products | Services

See also:

You should be able to link to a specific line or word
... without modifying the target document. This would be a straightforward extension to URI fragment identifiers. For example:

See also:

A web page count facility should be adopted
ala &http-count and a Visit-Count: http header (see www-talk archives)
Directories/Indexes need to be distributed
Information providers should make summaries of their stuff available via gatherers. Indexes like Yahoo should be big brokers (in their case, perhaps some gatherers too...). I should be able to pick and choose between the gatherers and build my own broker of stuff I'm interested in.
The Web is about Knowledge Exchange, not just Broadcasting
A big imagemap is a crime. Rich information representation promotes exchange. Formal systems are cool. This is what got me into HTML in the first place.
The original vision of the World Wide Web carried a deep social agenda of empowering individuals, increasing society's efficiencies, and exploiting computer power in everyday lives, the creator of the Web told the Sixth International World Wide Web conference today.
Berners-Lee: Consider the people
By Tim Clark
April 11, 1997
Santa Clara, California
Downloadable software should be digitally signed.
prevent viruses. Be accountable!