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Powerful administration and monitoring of UNIX databases

DataHub for UNIX Operating Systems

Meeting the challenges

Are you installing new database servers at record speed?
Are your DBAs overworked, undertrained and generally overwhelmed by the complexity of your database environment?
Does the heterogeneity of your environment keep you awake at night?
Has your IS Budget been cut again?
In Short, are you REACTING instead of BLAZING AHEAD?


Heterogeneous database administration and monitoring

Why you need DataHub for UNIX Operating Systems

  • DataHub simplifies management of databases across multiple platforms
  • DataHub maximizes administrative resources
  • DataHub reduces training costs
  • DataHub increases database availability
  • DataHub supports your client/server growth

What DataHub offers you

  • Central point of control with intuitive graphical user interface
  • Comprehensive, robust database and system administration
  • Online monitoring of local/remote databases and operating systems
  • Automated operations based on business policies
  • Interoperability with systems management

Further information about DataHub for UNIX Operating Systems

For the DataHub for UNIX Operating Systems Release 3 announcement information, see the November 26, 1996 DataHub for UNIX Release 3 announcement letter.

For more information on the DataHub products, please contact your local IBM office or your local authorized IBM reseller.

DataHub for OS/2 Version 2

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