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Yotsuya Productions is in the pursuit of high-quality fan-subtitled anime. The following anime has already been fansubtitled and ready for distribution. This homepage will provide as much information about our project and upcoming releases. How long Yotsuya Productions will exist is still a mystery...

No More Request...

Because Disney has acquired the worldwide distribution rights of all of the Studio Ghibli Movies (including Nausica and Laputa), I can not distribute them any more.

Tech Info

Currently, we are using a Pioneer CLD-D504 laserdisc player, Mitsubishi U760 SVHS VCR, and a Panasonic PVS4580 SVHS vcr. For the subtitling purposes, a 486-DX33 with the GLOCK-VGA+ genlock card. Finally, the public-domain ZeroG V1.0 subtitling software is being used. However, we are in the process of creating a new PC-based subtitled program which will be compatible with not only TTS, but also be compliant with JACOSub scripts.

Available Features

Macross: Do You Remember Love? - January 1996

This Macross movie first appeared in the theaters in the summer of 1984. The subtitled version is from the 1st print, lasting 1 hr and 55 minutes. Unfortunately, our laser disc has been slowly rotting. Video drops (slight snow/static on the image) does appear from time to time. We apologize for this upfront. For more information, check out the MACROSS Compendium Home Page.
This movie is now being distributed by Neko-Creations.

Laputa: Castle in the Sky

The Miyazaki film that has already become a classic. Officially timed at 2 hr and 8 minutes, the film will not fit entirely on a T-120 (2 hour) tape. It is best to send a tape of at least T-130 length or more. For more information, check out the Laputa Home Page.

Nausicaa - January 1996

Probably the most loved of all Miyazaki films, the 1984 epic film, Nausicaa, will be available in the beginning of 1995. Lasting 1 hr and 56 minutes, the film was garnered nurmerous awards. This is a must for any anime fan. For more information, check out the Nausicaa Home Page.

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