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Welcome to the home page of Fat Messiah Games, makers of fine tabletop adventure boardgames. Our specialty is science fiction and fantasy boardgames, with an emphasis on playability and quality.

These web pages contain information about our product line, updates on what's new at FMG, and various other things of interest to our players. Browse away, and by all means send us e-mail.

Current Fat Messiah Releases

Design a mutated bug, fight voracious Hive insects, then kill them and eat them to become bigger, meaner, and uglier.

Last Frontier: The Vesuvius Incident
Rescue the crew of a crippled lab ship from an alien horror in this solitaire boardgame.

Take on the forms of all the creatures in the animal kingdom and crush your foes in this exciting game of magic and mayhem. Now back in print!

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Write to Fat Messiah Games, P.O. Box 341136, Los Angeles, CA 90034, USA

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