Amy Jo Johnson
is back as Kimberly. She played The Pink Power Ranger in the first three seasons of the Power Rangers TV show and also in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. Born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Amy Jo is known to her friends as "A.J." Amy Jo began gymnastic classes at age seven. She attended Cape Cod Gymnastics school for 10 years, and competed in all four events (bars, vault, beam and floor) at international gymnastics meets. After graduating from Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School, Amy Jo moved to New York to study acting at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and the Lee Strasberg Institute. In her free time, Amy Jo paints, writes, sings and plays guitar. She lives in Glendale, California with her fiance, her two cats, Stella and Picklena and her dog Lucy.

Austin St. John
returns to the Power Rangers as Jason. He co-starred in the first two seasons of the television series as the Red Power Ranger. Born in Roswell, New Mexico, Austin and his family have moved all over the United States with his father, who is a U.S. Marine. Austin began studying martial arts with his father at the age of five. He has studied 13 different martial arts, including Tae Kwan Do, Shenkito, Judo and Kenpo. A sports enthusiast, Austin enjoys outdoor sports, especially football, soccer, hiking and baseball.

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