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Ever wonder how you get all those awesome games per month? Well, it doesn't take a genius to learn how you get those ripping games through your Sega Channel adapter. You see, it all starts with the production team:

  1. They pull together and test the great games, art, text and music you play every month.
  2. The programming is loaded onto a CD-ROM disk.
  3. It's then sent to the big guys at the satellite station. These guys send the signal to that big tin can in the sky, Galaxy 7.
  4. The signal is then transmitted to local cable companies.
  5. The cable guys bring you a cool little adapter unit that allows your Genesis to hook into the signal.
  6. Then, wabaam, you've got games galore. Wow, the amazing wonders of technology.
P.S. Our pals in Canada, England, South America and Europe don't depend on the satellite. They use what is called a Headend Server. It reads the CD-ROM and pipes it to the home from their location. Not as high falootin', but it sure does the trick!

So, now that you've become the techno wad about Sega Channel, you should Get Hooked In! Call the Sega Channel hook line at 1-800-696-SEGA (in US) today!

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