"The most anticipated space sim of the year."
-- Computer Gaming World
Welcome to Starfleet Academy
Shocked Non-Shocked
There is a Place in the Galaxy Where Legends are Born

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The CD-ROM game will be available for PC's and Macintosh computers in June
and later this year for the Sony PlayStation.

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Captain Kirk, Commander Chekov, Captain Sulu. Before they were legends, they were cadets at the most celebrated training facility in the universe -- Starfleet Academy. Test your ingenuity, leadership and courage -- and determine if you've got what it takes to graduate first in your class.
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"STAR TREK fans are finally about to get
a simulator worthy of Starfleet itself."

-- PC Gamer

"Starfleet Academy presents a graphical experience
bordering on the cinematic."

-- Ultra Game Players

"Starfleet Academy promises to be the flagship
of MacPlay's immensely successful Star Trek line of games."

-- Mac Home Journal

"The combat looks very true to the
STAR TREK 'battleship duel' style..."

-- Computer Gaming World

"A game like STAR TREK Starfleet Academy
has been a long time coming."

-- Computer Player

"No real first-person starship sim has been done yet,
and the great attention [Interplay] is paying to
design detail should make this a Trek fan's dream."

-- PC Gamer

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