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Windows 95 Home Pages:

Arrow's Windows 95 Connection by Arrow
ATLANTIS -- Windows 95 and Beyond by Iñigo De Pablo
Barb's Help Page for Windows 95 by Barb Bowman
BenZ Windows 95 Page by Benjamin Cheong
Bob Cerelli's Home Page by Bob Cerelli
Brian's Windows95 Web Page by Brian Moore
Buster's Win95 Pages by Raymond Weidner
Christopher's Windows 95 Page by Christopher Suleski
Clueless Inkorporated: Windows 95 by Erich Heintz
Cutter's Windows 95 Crossroads from Keith G. Kalet
Dierks List of Animated Cursors by Dierk Luerbke
Doug's Computer World by Douglas S. Berry
Duffy's Windows 95 Links
Dylan Greene's Windows 95 Home Page by Dylan Greene
EB's Windows 95 Page by E.B. Stone
Frank's Windows 95 Home Page by Frank Condron
Get Help with Windows 95 by Greg Carter
Heater's World Windows 95 Page
House of November Windows 95 Links by Geoff Taylor
Jason's Windows '95 Page by Jason Homey
Jerry's Web Picks by Jerry Baldwin
John's Cool Windows 95 Page
John Morrow's Win95 Home Page by John Morrow
Jon's Windows 95 Page by Jon Thurmond
KJ King's Win95 Page by KJ King
La page Windows 95 by Jerome Jolion
Mark Devino Windows 95 Page by Mark Devino
Microsoft's Windows 95 Home Page by Microsoft
Nerd World : WINDOWS 95 by David Stein
PC World Online Windows 95 Site by PC World
Pop's Win95 Resource by Pop
Randy's Windows 95 Resource Page by Randy Burgess
Ray's Win95 Page - Windows 95 Support, Upgrades and Fixes by Ray Clements
The #Win95-net Home Page by Aaron Weintraub
The (Unofficial) Windows 95 Home Page by Lee Bussy
The Cavern's Windows 95 Page by Michael Goetz
The House That Windows Built by MorseMcFadden
The Internet Starting Point for Windows 95 by Billy Klein
The One-Stop Windows 95 Site by Justin Higgins
The Unofficial ClubWin Home Page by Ed Tiley
The Windows 95 Applications List by Jonathan W. C. Allen
The Windows Source by Mike Hacker
The Windows Zone by Charles Kelly
What's New with Windows 95 by HomeBrew
Win95 Homepage by Fredi Lienhardt
Win95 Page by Bryan MacDonald
Windows 95 (Information Home Page) by Barry Kopulos
Windows 95 Help, Information, Files Galore by Geoff Taylor
Windows 95 Home Page by Mark Leary
Windows 95 Home Page by Paul Wootton
Windows 95 Home Page by Phil Jones
Windows 95 Home Page by Process Software Corporation
Windows 95 Links & 32-Bit Shareware by Richard Graner
Windows 95 Links, Links and more Links! by Global Computing
Windows 95 Links, Support, and Software by Stephen Lankton
Windows 95 Magazine by Steve Jenkins
Windows 95 Page by Markus Eberius
Windows and Windows 95 Page by Steve Jenkins
World Wide Web of Windows by Ron Purcell

Windows 95 Software:

  • The Best Software Sites:

    Animated Cursor Schemes by Franjo Goluza
    CWSApps List - Windows 95 Apps by Forest Stroud
    Galt Shareware Zone by Galt Technology
    Gionet's Win95 Themes by Jean Gionet
    Info West Windows 95 Software Archive by Info West
    Kermit 95 32-bit Communications Software for Windows 95 from Columbia University
    Link2000, Inc. Windows 95 Software
    Lotsa Software by Compuserve
    Pocket-Sized Software by Eric Bergman-Terrell
    Randy's Windows 95 Resource Page by Randy Burgess
    Software Library by Microsoft
    The In-Touch Windows 95 Software Page by Lance Jones
    The Windows 95 Software Archive by Mark Leary
    Win95 Page Selection of the "Best" Win95 Software by Phil Jones
    Windows 95 Applications by Steve Jenkins
    Windows 95 Applications from ZDnet
    Windows 95 Communications from ZDnet
    Windows 95 Software by Process Software
    Windows 95 Software by TUCOWS
    Windows 95 Utilities from ZDnet
    Xiaomu's Win95 Winsock software archive by Xiaomu

  • Other Stuff From Microsoft:

    Complete Windows 95 Resource Kit from Microsoft
    Internet Explorer 2.0 from Microsoft
    Power Toys from Microsoft
    Support Tools from Microsoft
    Win95 CD Extras from Microsoft
    Win95 Demo from Microsoft
    Win95 Updates from Microsoft

  • Hardware Device Drivers:

    Audio Drivers from Microsoft
    Display Drivers from Microsoft
    Modem Drivers from Microsoft
    Mouse Drivers from Microsoft
    Network Drivers from Microsoft
    Other Drivers from Microsoft
    Printer Drivers from Microsoft
    Storage Drivers from Microsoft
    UPS Drivers from Microsoft
    Drivers, Upgrades, and Company Information Page by Frank Condron 32-bit Hardware Drivers Collection from

    Best Windows 95 Internet Software:

    Netscape Navigator 3.0 Beta 4 - Impressive, appears to be much more stable than 2.01, with several new features!
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 Beta 1 - New version sporting a new interface, frames support, and much much more!
    RASPlus - The best Windows 95 Dial-up utility around.
    Mirc 4.1 - The best Windows 95 IRC client available.
    WS FTP95 - A great 32 bit GUI ftp client
    WinZip 6.1 - Win95 version of one of the best utilities around!
    McAfee ViruScan for Win95 - Best Virus Scanner for Win95, with intergration into Explorer

    PPP/SLIP Help:

    Configuring TCP/IP in Windows 95 by Barry Barr
    Detailed Help for setting up TCP/IP by Bob Cerelli
    High Speed Modems & Windows 95 by C.W. Faulconer
    The Windows 95 TCP/IP Setup HOW-TO/FAQ by Xima
    Windows95 InterNetworking Headquarters by Steve Jenkins

    Windows 95 Information:

  • Windows 95 FAQs:

    Animated Cursors FAQ by Franjo Goluza
    The Windows 95 FAQ by Mark Leary
    Win95 Networking FAQ '96 by Rich Graves
    Windows 95 FAQ by Mark Dodge
    Windows 95 FAQ by Microsoft

  • Windows 95 Tips and Tricks:

    1,001 Windows 95 Shortcuts by PC/Computing
    Cool Software Tip of the Day by Software School Inc.
    Frank's Win95 Bag O' Tips by Frank Condron
    Tip of the Week from Process Software
    Tips and Tricks by KJ King
    Tips and Tricks by Info West

  • Having Problems? Look Here:

    Download 2000+ FREE pages of corporate quality PC training materials
    Searchable Windows 95 Knowlege Base by Microsoft
    Technical Information and Support from Microsoft
    The Unofficial Windows 95 QAID Question/Answer/Information Database
    Windows 95 Annoyances by Creative Element
    Windows 95 TroubleShooting by KJ King


    Newsgroup: Windows 95 Setup Question and Answers
    Newsgroup: Miscellanous Win95 Questions and Answers
    Newsgroup: Windows 95 Utilities
    Newsgroup: Compatibility Issues Concerning Windows 95
    Newsgroup: Networking with Windows 95
    Newsgroup: Windows pre-release information
    Newsgroup: Winsock (Internet tools for Windows)
    Newsgroup: Winsock and winsock software announcements
    Newsgroup: TCP/IP with Windows
    Newsgroup: RAS (Remote Access Server)
    Newsgroup: Announcements for new software for Windows

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