Charles Ostman

Director of Media Development

President, Berkeley Design; Director of Media Development, Science Advisory Board member, Creative Committee member, Contributing Editor and Author for Nanothinc; Contributing Editor and Author for Midnight Engineering magazine; Technical Editor, MONDO 2000 or

Charles Ostman is founder and president of Berkeley Designs, a company which specializes in the development of specialized 3D visualization and rendering software. This includes VR worlds, customized procedural texturing and special effects software tools, and related software development. Berkeley Designs also creates fine art and apparel products which feature "virtual world" art created with this specialized software.

Mr. Ostman serves as Contributing Editor and author for Midnight Engeering Magazine, a technical trade journal for the entrepreneurial engineer. He is also Technical Editor and author for Mondo 2000, a "cybertech" culture futurist publication.

Mr. Ostman has authored numerous technical papers on nanotechnology, engineered materials, virtual reality, 3D imaging and CAD applications, and neural net and other cognitive process engines.

Past work experience includes development with Dr. Scott Davis of an optical correlation neural net processing system; research with Dr. Dave Johnson (founder of TiNi metals) into the properties and applications of shape memory metal alloys; and Omni Scientific, developing speciallized medical electronic devices.

Mr. Ostman is also founder of Ostman Industries, an electronic R&D; consulting company.

From 1985 to 1986 he was employed by LucasFilm in their Droid Works Division.

From 1980 to 1983 he worked on electronic and electro-optic hardware development at GTE Lenkhurt.

From 1972 to 1980 he was involved with electronic device and systems design for physics applications at Lawrence Berkeley Lab. He has also authored numerous technical reference materials, and co-developed highly customized routing routines for CAD circuit board design systems and other related software. See Charles Ostman for more information.