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This update was issued June 4, 1997

Our email service was restored ad 3:00 A.M. PDT. Apparently, some email was bounced as undeliverable; you'll need to re-send all such mail, I'm afraid. Otherwise, nothing else was affected.

The TSR deal has closed. And that's all I have been told. Customer Service ( custserv@wizards.com) has a little more information, but the CEO hasn't even returned from Lake Geneva at this time - it's anyone's guess what the Board of Directors plans to do next. Like I've been saying - as soon as I know more, I'll tell you. Difficult and unsatisfactory as this may sound: please be patient.

Gameplay help is at questions@wizards.com
All other sorts of customer service is at custserv@wizards.com
The DCI can be reached directly: dci@wizards.com

Suggestion of the Week (or Month, or something): chat facilities here. Sorry, gang: isn't going to happen. I have been making tentative forays in this direction for over a year (since web-chat tech started to stabilize), and believe it or not - the current state of legislation makes it entirely unclear if a website maintainer (i.e Yours Truly and Wizards of the Coast) can be held liable for what a chat-participant says. If we don't monitor every word, we may still be held liable - and this isn't an "I don't know" situation, this is a "fault lies on the party the judge says it does." The whole debate is too new, there isn't enough history to provide legal direction, and Wizards can't hire enough people to approve or disapprove every single post made to a web-based chat site (can you imagine that staff? The cost? What it would do to the price of Magic, etc.?)

The bottom line: no chatting on this site. For now. Probably not ever, realistically. That's what we've got Compuserve for...

Questions, comments, or suggestions for the site? Let me know!

Alex, Webmaster@wizards.com

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