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This is the main site of Download.Net, right here in good old Jackson, NJ, USA - the home of Six Flags Great Adventure
and ... uhmm ... other stuff.
This is our Mirror Site in Hong-Kong. This Mirror Site is brought to you by Hong-Kong's Premier ISP Data Internet Corp. This site may be faster for those in Europe, Asia, etc...

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Enter the Diablo Contest!!!

Diablo Contest

Brought to you courtesy of Blizzard

Click through to find out how to win a Registered Version of the worlds most popular Role Playing Game.
Download.Net is the 1st Shareware Site to team up with Blizzard in a Diablo Giveaway. It is EASY to enter the Diablo Contest. All you have to do is tell us the URL where the drawing on this banner below was taken from, on Blizzard's Diablo Site. After you found the URL (i.e., where the drawing from this banner right below came from, go to the contest entry page, fill out the ENTIRE form, and you are registered to win a CD-ROM of Diablo.

Diablo Contest

The Contest Ends 6/30/97
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type paint. This search looks for each word you put in, so keep it simple. Looking for ddraw.dll, type directx.
You type in Pacman, try Pac Man (with a space). This search is NoT CaSe SenSiTivE. - Glenn

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If you are not seeing Frames you do not need to refill your anti-psychotic medication, because you've finally stopped hallucinating. Download.Net has removed Frames from our site, because ... uhm ... they were, .. uh ... worthless and annoying. Sorry frames lovers. We at Download.Net have scientifically determined that frames suck and have removed them from our site. You can either thank us at Frames do suck thankyou or flame us at I am chemically dependent upon frames and now I will never visit your site Hehe, we'd love to hear from you.

Windows 3.x Based Software
Windows 3.x Section
Games that run on Windows 3.x such as Asteroids (This is the location of the BEST Classic Arcade Download Site on the Internet). Good selection of games here. There are also some of the best Desktop and Winsock Apps. for Windows 3.x. PLEASE NOTE: These are all 16 bit applications, but most (if not all) of these games and apps run under Windows95.

Windows95 Based Software
Windows 95 Section
These are some of the better games (including Doom for Win95), desktop apps., and utilities specifically made for Windows 95 users.

MSDOS Based Software
MSDOS Section
QUAKE and other MSDOS games and one MSDOS app. are in this section. Games include Blood, Shadow Warrior, Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Asteroids, Descent, Duke Nukem, etc...

Wav Files
Wav files
Wav files that I have collected and zipped up. These are the ones that I feel are interesting enough to share.

Live Chat
Live Chat
Live Java Chat @ Download.Net This is a Java Chat Program running on our Download.Net Server. You *have* to be running on a Java enabled browser to run this chat program. Now you can chat with others while you are waiting for your program to download. Just start talking in a room, and the chat program will open up a new window. You can then chat while you browse the site and download programs. Just another way that Download.Net kicks major butt!

What's New
What's New Section
Latest News and Updates Section This section helps those who are familiar to Download.Net to easily find what has just been added. This section is most helpful to those who have seen everything on this site and want to find out what has been added.

Submit New Software
Submit New Software
Let us know about something new. If you are a software developer, or company, or just know about a new product out there that you feel should be added to Download.Net, let us know about it. This is our official form for anyone who wants their software submitted for consideration.
Macintosh Files
Games Domain MacIntosh Downloads
MacIntosh Games To your left is one location to directly download some good MacIntosh Games. Download.Net does not have any Mac Games as we only use IBM compatible PC's and test out all programs that we put on this site. Also Try out Aaron's Mac Games Page, he appears to have a good selection. But the most complete selection thus far was found at Andrew's MACTCP Drive Thru. Now this is some complete assortment of TCP stuff such as mail, WWW Browsers, ftp, telnet, IRC (Homer), and much more. Enjoy MAC users.

Link Swap
Link Swap
Link Appreciation
This is a section of the site where people who have a link to Download.Net are reciprocally linked on this site. So if you have a link to Download.Net, Email me (please remember the link to Download.Net must be in place first).

Download.Net Awards
Awards Section
Awards Download.Net has received I love me, ... I love me not, ... I love me, ... I love me not, ... WOW! what do you know, ... I love me! HeHe. And here's the section to prove it ;)

Download.Net Unzip Help Page
Download.Net Help Page
Newbie Downloading/Unzipping Help Many people have e-mailed me asking me how to unzip and the link to the left is the Download.Net page that helps explaining how to unzip files, how to download, what to do after the download is done. You can also check out this site for the same type of instructions.

Glenn Duncan
Mail me if you have any problems or if you know of any good software that should be here.

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