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Descent Maximum for the Sony Playstation and Descent to Undermountain for the PC

Welcome to Descent

The most mind-bending, stomach-churning action game ever!
Featuring true 3-Dimensional worlds with light source shading, texture mapping, 3-D morphing, directional sound effects and sizzling music, this is technology taken to the limit!
In Descent, you'll enter a true 360-degree 3-D environment - move up, move down, move everywhere as you plummet down never-ending tunnels blasting mechanical hordes. Top becomes bottom, up becomes down, and your senses turn inside out...

*State-of-the-Art 3-D graphics including animating texture maps, 3-D animating monsters and morphing.
*Full 8 Player Network and 2 Player Head-to-Head Modem support.
*Full 360- degree's an all new twist to the highly popular genre.
*Multiplayer action with 8 player network and tournament mode.
*Outstanding artificial intelligence where the enemies and creatures actually learn, adjusting their actions based upon the player's.
*3-D Directional sound effects and CD-quality musical scoring.

Just a few of the many awards Descent has received:


Interplay and Parallax have the demo available of the greatly expanded version of Descent. Descent II is in stores now and you can order it now with our online ordering system!

Check out this incredible self playing Descent 2 Movie Trailer! It is 17MB, but well worth checking out if you have a fast internet connection!

Go to the Descent II page to get the demo NOW!


Download the

Descent Demo Version 1.4 (2.8 MB)
The Descent Retail Upgrade 1.4a to 1.5 (240 KB)
The Descent Retail 1.0 to 1.5 Upgrade (566 KB)
The Descent TV Commercial Quicktime movie (4.17 MB)

Some of these files are mirrored on by 3DReview.


Design your own Descent levels

Take the award-winning Descent experience into your own hands with the world's easiest, quickest, most powerful level-building program for Descent I.
The Descent Mission Builder is now available!

For information on creating your own Descent II levels, check out Descent II:The Infinite Abyss


Are the robots no challenge any more?

Do you crave the thrill of One-on-One combat...
but can't find anyone brave or foolish enough to challenge you? Fear no more! Get on the Descent Player's List, so that you can find out once and for all just who is the best! Use the Players form or send email to with your email address, city, state, country (if not USA), phone area code, if you are running the demo and/or retail version(s) and your level of expertise included in the text of the message.


What version are you running?

Shields are cool!
The current versions of Descent are:
DESC14SW.ZIP 1.4 Demo version(2.8 MB)
The Retail 1.0 to 1.5 Update (566 KB)
and the Retail 1.4a to 1.5 Update (240 KB)

To install the retail updates, download the files to your Descent directory and extract them with PKUNZIP (29k), then run "PATCH". If you have problems installing the patch, check the Customer Service pages.


What about Descent for other Platforms?

Descent is currently available for the PC on DOS, Windows '95 on Descent II: The Infinite Abyss , the Macintosh through MacPlay, and Sony's PlayStation. Sony Playstation Interplay and Parallax are exploring the possibilities of bringing Descent to a number of platforms. Under consideration are versions for Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, and OS/2. Discussions are underway as to how these can be done in a timely and quality manner, taking full advantage of the new game systems and 32-bit operating systems. Stay tuned to this page and the industry press for further developments.

Descent for the PowerMac

You can download the demo now from the Macplay web site or from the Interplay ftp site (7MB). For more information, check out the MacPlay Today Sneak Preview or the Descent Mac Pages at Macplay.


Destination: Saturn

Some of you have asked about the version of Descent that is bundled with some PC hardware. It is called Destination Saturn, and is a cross between the 1.4 demo and the full retail version with the following differences:

Descent: Test Flight

This is a 3-level version of the demo on CD.


Forgotten Realms:Descent to Undermountain

This is a Role Playing Game based on the Descent engine. It will be released in summer of 1997. For more information on this, check out the Dragonplay web site.


Descent over the Internet?

Yes, you can play 2-8 player games over the internet with some third party add-ons. Some of these products are still under development and are in "Beta" versions, some only work with some types of accounts (SLIP, PPP, TCP/IP LAN's, etc.)
Interplay and Parallax do not support trying to play the normal versions of Descent over the internet due to the possible packet delays and variable speed transfer rates. This can cause unusual things to happen in Descent.

For more information on trying these add-in products, check out some of the Independent Descent Pages and the Descent Ladder.

Engage Check out Engage Games Online for the latest news about multiplayer Descent over the internet and the online services.


Having trouble with Level 7?

The Big Boss is the reactor. Yes, he is tough but beatable. The best way to defeat him is to shoot two homing missiles at the Vulcan guys before entering the room. Enter the room and do not stop circling. Use your slide and turn 'strafing' to circle the room. Take out the last Vulcan guy with another homing missile. Ignore the red guys. As long as you keep flying and circling, they should not hit you. When the brown Boss uncloaks, shoot him with the highest level lasers you have. Never stop shooting him. Keep circling.

Upgrading to the 1.4 demo and retail 1.4a updates makes the boss on level 7 slightly easier to kill. For the very desperate, the cheat codes are in the DESCENT.FAQ.

If you are still stuck, try this SAVEGAME.ZIP (29k). Download this file, unzip it, rename it as your pilot name and an extention of SGx, where x is the next available number for a savegame (or one you don't mind overwriting) ie; KILLER.SG4, or DEADMEAT.SG5


About Parallax

Parallax Software, developers of Descent, was founded by Matt Toschlog and Mike Kulas in 1993. Prior to forming Parallax, Matt and Mike worked for Sublogic Corporation and LookingGlass Technologies, writing simulations and 3d engines.

Descent was Parallax's first product. It was developed by a team of nine over a period of 20 months at Parallax, with music, sound effects, testing and numerous ideas being contributed by Interplay. Parallax is now working on additional ports of Descent. Descent for PowerMac and the Sony PlayStation are available, and the Saturn version is almost ready, and will be released over the next couple of months.

Parallax has offices in Champaign, Illinois and Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Assorted Descent Stuff


The Descent II page
The Descent Mission Builder page
Some Independent Descent pages
The Descent: Anniversary Edition Levels and Descent: Levels of the World contest levels!
Download the DESCENT.QT Quicktime movie of the TV commercial (4.17MB).
Download the DREG15.ZIP 1.5 Retail update (570 KB).
View the Descent 1.4 Demo Readme.txt.
Download the DESC14SW.EXE 1.4 Demo (2.8 MB).
DESCENT Demo in files that will fit on (2) 1.44 MB floppies
DESCENT1.ZIP (1.4 MB) and
Download screen shots of Descent (400 KB).
Read the messages on the newsgroup.
See where Descent is standing on the Internet Top 100
View the Descent 3.1 text FAQ on this server or
Check out Steve Clouse's HTML HTML Descent and Descent II FAQ 3.2 at his site.
Download the Devil level editor from Achim's US Devil Page or
Go to the official (Germany) Devil homepage
Download the level and mission technical spec's DESCSPEC.TXT
These files are also available on the Interplay ftp site at
Read a short story inspired by Descent called Final Departure
And another short story Earth Descent
Check out our new and enhanced Descent ftp webpages at
For technical information, go to our customer service database, or mail to
If you have any ideas or comments on this page, email

DISK and CD-ROM System Requirements:


Media Availability Product code Price
Floppy DOS IBM-118-3 $29.95
CD-ROM DOS ICD-118-0 $29.95

Order Descent: Anniversary Edition now with our Online Store or call our order line at (800) INTERPLAY and mention ordering code MSW1.

Interested in a commercial site license for Descent?

Contact Interplay's Business Development Division. You can obtain information regarding our commercial site license program that would permit you to use this product on a commercial basis in a location based retail pay for play setting. Copyright law prohibits any commercial use of this product without a license, so contact Interplay immediately if you would like more information about a commercial license[s]. Call 714/553-6655 or and ask for information about site licenses.

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