A dependable, secure, and economical payment method for purchasing digital goods and services through the Internet.

The NetBill electronic commerce project at Carnegie Mellon's Information Networking Institute is researching design issues of highly survivable and secure distributed transaction processing systems, as well as accounting and access control for digital libraries. NetBill is addressing these issues by developing the protocols and software to support network-based payment for goods and services over the Internet.

These protocols and software have been implemented in a test system, currently in its Alpha trial, on the Carnegie Mellon campus. This system enables consumers and merchants to communicate directly with each other, using NetBill to confirm and ensure security for all transactions.

We invite you to take a look at this test system at:


Please note that the NetBill functions are restricted to the Carnegie Mellon campus. However, there is plenty of information about NetBill for you to explore.

For more information about the NetBill project, please explore this web site using the links on the left of each page.

If you require further information, please contact us at support@netbill.com

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