June 13, 1997

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4/28/97   Apple Falls from Research Firm's Top 5
By Macworld Staff

In third position for the past two years, Apple drops from Dataquest's growth leaders

Research firm Dataquest released figures today on preliminary unit shipments and market-share percentages for the first quarter of 1997. While the computer industry showed strong growth at 15.4 percent over last year and Dataquest projects the worldwide PC market will grow 19 percent this year, Apple Computer dropped out of the fourth-place position it held for both 1995 and 1996, and it no longer ranks within the top five computer manufacturers in this survey.

Dell, which took over fourth place, showed the greatest growth, with a rate above 50 percent, according to Dataquest. Bill Schaub, Dataquest's computer group director, said, "With the highest inventory turns in the business, coupled with a large, tenacious sales force on the street armed with a consistent price advantage, Dell continues to post incredible period-to-period growth rates." Compaq also gained market share and sustainted a 17.7 growth rate in the first quarter.

Last year, when Apple was in fourth place, the survey showed its market share grew 5.2 percent, a growth rate that was down 21.9 percent from the previous year's growth rate of 7.9 percent. This year, Apple shipped only 602,000 units, far below fifth-ranking Toshiba's 879,000 units and its 4.7 percent market share. Last year, Apple had 5.2 percent of the PC market, according to Dataquest figures.

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