T-Shirt Promotion!

The T-shirts are in! Order now! Instructions below

Earn points by answering questions and receive a free Experts Exchange T-shirt. These shirts will identify you as one of our experts, and are way cool!

The main design will go on the back of the shirt, with the expert status level on the left sleeve. 

The Program:  Quality Points are what we call the points earned by experts for answering questions. These are different from the points used to ask questions with.  We calculate Quality Points as the number of points assigned to a question times the grade received, with A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, and F=0. So a 200 pointer with an A grade is worth 800 Quality Points. 

In the top section of each topic area we list the number of Quality Points earned by each expert.  To qualify for a t-shirt, we take all of your points from all of the topic areas and add them together.  We have established the following levels.  The sleeve design and the color of the t-shirts are different for each level.  Also, we sell a non-expert t-shirt that has the Experts Exchange logo for $12.95 plus shipping. This shirt is similar to the others except it is a green/gray color and has no design on its left sleeve.

May 31, 1997:  The current program is effective until May 31, 1997.  At that time we will be adjusting the point requirements for the Guru Level to 15,000 points and for the Wizard Level to 30,000 points. The Master Level will remain unchanged at 5,000 points.

Order Now!  We just received our first batch of t-shirts from the printer.  Send the following information to tshirt@experts-exchange.com.  We will verify your order and send it to you as fast as we can.  You should receive your t-shirt (or t-shirts) by regular mail within 14 days. 
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