March 25, 1997
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Computer Games Strategy Plus announces 1996 Awards

paraIf early this year someone had suggested the game we would ultimately select as our “Game of the Year” for 1996 would be a 3D shooter with little actual shooting and no multiplayer play, feature a gun-toting, bullet-chested female protagonist, and be designed by England’s Core Design, they would have been told they were insane and deranged. Well, it’s been that sort of year, because when the votes were tallied, the “Game of the Year” for 1996 is Eidos Interactive’s Tomb Raider.
paraThe awards were selected by a panel of judges, including: Andy Backer, Steve Bauman, Joe Grant Bell, Michael Bowen, Tom Chick, Ben Chiu, Jason D’Aprile, Lee Johnson, Chuck Klimushyn, Jeff Lackey, Robert Mayer, William Nielsen, John Nolan, Dan Olawski, Richard Ordway, Mike Robel, Tim Royal, Peter Smith, Phil Thé, Scott Udell, Steve Wartofsky, Rex Whitfield and Cindy Yans.

The winners are in bold, followed by the finalists in each category.

Game of the Year
Tomb Raider – Eidos Interactive
Civilization II – MicroProse
Diablo – Blizzard Entertainment

3D Action
Tomb Raider – Eidos Interactive
Quake – id Software
Duke Nukem 3D – 3D Realms

The Neverhood – DreamWorks Interactive
Zork Nemesis – Activision
Chronomaster – Capstone

Syndicate Wars – Bullfrog
Crusader: No Regret – Origin
Fire Fight – Electronic Arts

3Dfx Chipset – 3Dfx Interactive
Rendition Verite Chipset – Rendition
Microsoft Sidewinder Gamepad

Online Game
Warbirds – ICI
SubSpace – Virgin
Meridian 59 – 3DO

Online Service
Kali – Kali, Inc.
Mpath – Mpath Interactive
T.E.N. – Total Entertainment Network

Racing Simulation
NASCAR Racing 2 – Sierra
Grand Prix II – MicroProse
Monster Truck Madness – Microsoft

Real-time Strategy
Command & Conquer: Red Alert – Westwood Studios
M.A.X. – Interplay
The Settlers II – BlueByte

Diablo – Blizzard Entertainment
The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall – Bethesda Softworks
Albion – BlueByte

Science-fiction Simulation
Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri – Looking Glass Technologies
Archimedean Dynasty – BlueByte
Wing Commander IV – Origin Systems

AH-64D Longbow – Jane’s Combat Simulations
Hind – Interactive Magic
Silent Hunter – SSI

Links LS – Access
NBA Live 97 – EA Sports
NHL 97 – EA Sports

Power Chess – Sierra
The Muppet CD-ROM: Muppets Inside – Starwave
Battleship – Hasbro

Turn-based Strategy
Civilization II – MicroProse
Heroes of Might and Magic II – New World Computing
Master of Orion II – MicroProse

Battleground Series – TalonSoft
Close Combat – Microsoft
Steel Panthers II – SSI
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