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The ultimate Build engine game??
Monolith, Inc. by Tim Royal
paraWith the arrival of true 3D games, one would think that the curtains are lowering on older 2D engines, like the Build engine used in Duke Nukem 3D. BZZZT! Guess again.
paraMonolith, a new company in the PC entertainment world, has taken the Build engine to its ultimate incarnation (for now) in Blood, a blazing new game of food, frags, and fun.
paraFirst off, Blood takes place in an early 20th century setting. Rather than alien monsters, you as the protagonist will be fighting enemies such as monks, zombies, and ghostly spirits. While a definite storyline is still
being developed, suffice it to say that the game world is far more reminiscent of Heretic and Hexen than Duke Nukem 3D.
paraAt first glance, the game looks a lot like other Build titles, but after a few minutes, some of the subtle details that the design team incorporated begin to surface, and it becomes clear that this was not "another one of those DOOM clones."
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