can the horizon from
the pit of your jacked-up hovercar. Only two things matter in a post nuclear world: speed and survival. In this scorching 3-D driving shooter, you're an outcast from the safe zones of the world where food and supplies are abundant. Jump into your souped-up, heavily armed vintage automobile and bust into those zones, steal what you need and get the hell out before someone in a bigger, faster, meaner death machine smears you into a new level of blacktop.

To defend yourself, you've got gritty high-tech weapons like plasma guns, grenade launchers, machine guns, rockets and mortars of death. It's up to you to keep a steady hand on the wheel and a lead foot on the gas as you rocket four hovercars over twelve hair-raising tracks, reeling from the sensation only true driving physics can give you.

Pit your skills against friends with network and modem play.

Rip through the landscapes of tomorrow in four fully-loaded souped-up vintage hovercars

Over 15 explosive tracks to blister through with hair-raising obstacles like
tunnels, jumps and suspended highways coming at you from all angles

Action-packed, high speed 3-D gameplay including the thrill of 360 degree
turn-arounds, reverse travel and multiple camera angles (cockpit and rear view)

True driving physics created by professional
aircraft and vehicle simulation engineers

Network compatibility means you can pit your skills