An Anonymous Note

Hi. I'm a TSR employee. At this time, I wish to remain anonymous. I have a few things to say about the possible upcoming buyout of TSR by Wizards Of The Coast.

For the most part, I and the other TSR employees think that this will be a good thing. Many of the WotC staff members are AD&D; gamers from "way back." Peter Adkison (CEO of WotC) has played AD&D; since 1978, and actually plays AD&D; more often than he plays Magic: The Gathering. We don't see WotC trying to destroy or change AD&D.; They have admitted that our ability to produce role-playing products is amazing to them. They don't just want the AD&D; trademarks and intellectual property, they want the TSR staff members that are responsible for creating that product. To us at TSR, we see this as AD&D; being directed by gamers again. They love the game. We love the game. They want AD&D; products out on the market. We want AD&D; products out on the market.

If it wasn't for this business deal, there might be no TSR in a few more months. No game company this size can survive going for half a year without putting out any new products. So please sit back, relax, and wait to see what happens. We, the employees of TSR, are just as concerned as you are, but we have had opportunities to talk with WotC staff (and some of us have gotten to tour the WotC building and talk with their staff at length) and we are looking forward to what will take place.

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