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"ASSIGNMENT" is a one-hour no-nonsense, in-depth investigative program on the most relevant, timely and explosive topics such as incest, top-level corruption, politics, among other controversial and vital issues.

"Assignment" is a take-off from "Magandang Gabi Bayan" as it was conceptualized to be the English version of the top-rating, hard-hitting Filipino investigative public affairs program. As such, "Assignment" was also envisioned to boldly expose dire truth on matters that impact on society and thus encourage strong and dynamic public opinion on social problems.

Divided into four or five segments, often made up of different reports on unlikely yet relevant and sensitive issues, "Assignment" has swiftly earned a solid reputation for its intelligent and enterprising reporting. Barely two years old, the program is also known for the hard-hitting and irreverent style of its host, TEDDY LOCSIN, JR. The show ends with Teddy Locsin's bold yet incisive and stimulating commentary or editorial.

A lawyer by profession, Teddy Locsin is publisher and columnist of "TODAY" and editor/columnist of "FREE PRESS", an institution in Philippine journalism. He comes from a well-known publishing family and was Press Secretary, Chief Legal Counsel and Speechwriter of former President Cory Aquino. His unique style fits well into the program's form and content.

With Teddy Locsin's incisive and fearless analyses, backstopped by his reliable team of seasoned writers and reporters, viewers can keep up with and fully understand important events.

"Assignment" is aired every Thursday, 11:00 p.m.



More popularly known among the masses as "The Department of the Last Resort." This public service program encourages the public to air their grievances and complaints regarding the inaction or incompetence of government and private entities. The program is like a watchdog of government services. The program is in Tagalog/Filipino.

The program's popularity is due to its efforts at exposing graft and corruption by public servants. It also acts as a medium to raise the level of public awareness on basic rights of citizens.


Ted Failon is also a popular radio Commentator, along with his co-host, Gel Santos-Relos.



Dong Puno Live is a highly-rated talk show. The program's topics range from politics to celebrities. The program is known for its explosive discussions and exchanges between guests. With the use of satellite technology, DPL is setting a trend in Philippine broadcasting. The program allows several guests to appear on the program from remote points anywhere in the country, or abroad, to debate no-holds-barred on any issue of national or personal significance. Wednesday, 10:30 PM.


Ricardo "DONG" Puno Jr. is a graduate of Harvard Law School and a TV news Personality. He is also the Vice President for news and public affairs of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp.

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The phenomenal "Magandang Gabi, Bayan" (Good Morning Philippines) has reinvented public affairs programming for the 1980's and beyond.

Each week since its inception in 1988, MGB, which is simulcast nationwide over ABS-CBN radio station DZMM, presents revealing, thought-provoking and valuable information viewers won't get anywhere else.

Through the eyes and ears of the country's most trusted news and current affairs anchorman and his team of hardworking, highly-motivated writers, researchers, cameramen and editors among others, MGB documents, analyzes, exposes and chronicles the most significant topics and gripping issues of the times - from crimes, corruption and scandals and their impact on the country and people to uplifting features on human courage and heroism as well as national aspiration and survival.

MGB's in-depth and well-researched investigative reports are presented in a simple yet powerful manner which never fails to grab the viewers.

Small wonder MGB has remained the unprecendented winner and leader in public affairs programs. Imitated by come-and-go copycats, MGB continues to be the only top-rating current affairs program on primetime television, beating all its timeslot competitors whether entertainment, kiddie, drama or special events show. Also, MGB is the first and only public affairs program in the history of Philippine television to make it to the Number One slot in the industry's over-all program ranking.

MGB is anchored by NOLI de CASTRO, easily the country's most renowned broadcast journalist. "Mr. Public Service" or simply "Kabayan" to millions of followers, Noli has won a number of prestigious awards for MGB, such as the Catholic Mass Media Award, KBP Golden Dove Award, Gawad CCP, ABS-CBN Recognition Award, to mention a few.

And even critics and competitors grudgingly concede that Noli's meteoric and steady rise to national prominence as a serious, hard-hitting radio and television anchorman rests not only on his competence and rich experience as a broadcaster but, more importantly, on his unquestioned integrity and credibility.



"THE INSIDE STORY" is a 60-minute newsmagazine program produced by the News and Current Affairs Department of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation. As its title suggests, the program provides incisive and investigative accounts on important events and significant personages that shapes the Filipino nation.

Divided into three independent segments, each episode of "The Inside Story" endeavors to enrich the national consciousness of the viewing public and help mold public opinion by providing them with vignettes of both contemporary and indigenous culture.

Geared for an audience of young professionals, as well as policy-makers and decision-makers, "The Inside Story" has observed a steadily growing viewership among students, who consider the program's accurate reportage and engaging visual elements a good reference for socio-cultural and political concerns, not only in the local scenario but in the global village as well.

Anchored by the highly esteemed broadcast journalist, Loren Legarda, "The Inside Story" has garnered numerous awards and citations for its endeavors, and has enjoyed remarkable program ratings since its inception in 1990.

Since November 1994, the Pulse TV Meter Report has consistently cited "The Inside Story" as among the Top 20 late evening shows in the country -- a first among News and Current Affairs programs in late-night timeslot. It continues to enjoy double digit ratings and is considered the leader in viewership among late evening newsmagazines.

"The Inside Story" concerns itself greatly preserving the moral fiber of the nation, which is in a constant state of flux. Therefore, aside from the standard reports on the "headline" materials, the program also features matters of cultural, social, and environmental interest. It has also been serving the global Filipino with coverage spanning the whole archipelago, as well as key cities in Asia, Europe, the United States and the Middle East.

Multi-awarded. Accurate. Credible.

Top-rating. World-class.



Usapang Business is the latest addition to ABS-CBN's late night power bloc. Produced by the men and women of ABS-CBN Public Affairs. Usapang Business is a one hour magazine show that tackles anything and everything about how to make your money grow. It goes beyond the notion that business matters are only for top level Makati executives or big money market playes, usapang business is also geared towards reaching the budding entrepreneurs or the ordinary Juan de la Cruzes who dreams of getting more out of their hard-earned money. Good business sense knows no bounds and this, the program, shall put put across, in the simplest, most understandable terms.

It features the latest business news and information. Invaluable tips and how to's, success stories, innovations and break-throughs, new investment sites here and abroad, out-of-the-ordinary ventures, hot business issues, and much,much more.

The segments include: Idol sa Business, What's Up, Sikat sa Business, Kakaibang Business, Stock Market Report, Business Balita, Mag-business Tayo, Suerte Sa Business, Boom Business, Food Trip, Fun and Leisure, and World Class.

Usapang Business highlights and focuses on Philippine business as an engine for growth and nation building. It is out to prove that the filipino can, "given the proper training, skill and capital".

The multi-awarded journalist, Ces Drilon, and the news youngblood, Cathy Yap-Yang, host this new and promising show. Mondays, 10:30 p.m.

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