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SGI Quake!

The port of idsoftware's Quake to SGI platforms is finally ready for prime-time!

sgiquake.tar.Z - SGI quake executables for all platforms

Here's the README.TXT file included in sgiquake.tar.Z.

I couldn't resist putting these out early here, the more kosher location for SGI quake will be here.

Note: there was a slightly broken version here for a while (savegame didn't work), get the latest version if you notice this problem.



GLQuake v0.3 - GLQuake executable

GLQuake v0.3 source - Quake walkthrough in OpenGL (was IRQuake)

libutil.a sources (now also included in GLQuake distribution)

These links should work again, but some browsers have trouble with relative links (all browsers had trouble with the absolute path).

GLQuake has the majority of rendering code and the QuakeC interpreter needed for getting a full Quake server running, but someone out there will have to work on replicating Quake's main world-simulation loop. Writing a client-side quake terminal should be possible since most of the client-server protocol has been documented in the Quake specs.

Note that you need IRIX 6.2 or later to compile GLQuake, and that you'll need the PAK files from the game. I'd recommend buying it outright, but you can also get the shareware levels from id software's site. I haven't tried running with the v1.06 PAK files yet, but I assume the changes aren't too drastic (GLQuake works with v1.01). If anyone ports GLQuake to other platforms, I'd be happy to put pointers or distribute copies from here.

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