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3D Shooter
Monolith Productions

Lots of Blood Movies in the Theater!

Get the Blood shareware now!

You are a former servant of the Dark God Techernobog. You've committed horrible acts on Techernobog's behalf, but your loyal service has lead to nothing but a pine box, six feet under. But your spirit does not rest. It craves revenge. Your body rises from the grave to claim it.

They don't call it Blood for nothing. Gamesmania has been playing the Blood shareware, and our monitors are blood-soaked.

Blood uses the Build engine that was so successful for 3D Realm's Duke Nukem 3D. So far we've seen some pretty cool monsters and great weapons (Going after zombies with a shotgun in each hand is quite a rush). Those of you who have a fondness for Duke-style levels will be happy to know that Blood levels are similar. There are lots of things to interact with. Some of the things we've encountered so far include pianos, a jukebox (which plays human screams), and even a ringing telephone with a crank caller on one end. You might also enjoy "Zombie-head Soccer." Shooter fans who miss playing with the microphone and pool table from Duke Nukem 3D will definitely enjoy Blood.

Blood's levels are designed to be like actual locations, such as a trainyard, or a mausoleum. One level consists entirely of a moving train! (Don't try and jump off, as we discovered.)

Blood also supports multiplayer matches called "Bloodbaths" (for free-for-all deathmatches) or "Blood Feuds" (team matches) for up to 8 people.

Blood shareware requires:
DOS 6.2 or higher
P75 or better with 16 MB RAM
35 MBV free disk space
Sound Blaster or compatible

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