The Kooks Museum

Donna Kossy, author of the book Kooks is the unchallenged authority on, well, kooks. Her web site is well stocked with kookery from all corners of kookdom and includes such exhibits as "The Library of Questionable Scholarship," "The Hall of Hate" and the ever-provocative "Solution the World Problem" exhibit featuring Kossy's profile of well-known nut "Birdbrain" Brainbeau, king of the kooky classified ads. Learn also about the "Voluntary Human Extinction Movement" whose founder claims he doesn't hate the human race, he just thinks it doesn't fit anywhere in the food chain and the world would therefore be better off without it. He's not misanthropic. "Misanthropes tend to be for involuntary human extinction." Smooth graphics, not too kooky, liven up the text. The best piece is Kossy's introduction explaining her attraction to the neglected field of kookology. (JV)

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