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This is a link to several ressources, some of which I maintain myself. You may get my research papers, the data used in them, some info on the research center, UQAM, Montréal, and links to friends. Since 4 December 1995, this page has been accessed 10507 times. Thanks for stopping by! And come back soon as I continuously update my pages.

* About me (with lots of links)
* Papers with abstracts
* Data
* Economics Department (maintainer)
* Center for Research on Economic Fluctuations and Employment (maintainer)
* The Quantitative Macroeconomics & Real Business Cycle home page (maintainer)
* EDIRC - Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers of the World (maintainer, now mirrored by NetEc in UK, USA and Japan)
*Economics Nobel Laureates
* The Swiss FAQ (mirror maintainer)
* Other Swiss material on this server (maintainer)
*ECO3022 Macroeconomics III
*ECO8021 International Finance
*ECO9011 Advanced Macroeconomics II
*ECO9015 Methods of Dynamic Analysis
*A couple of stoopid SGML experiments
*Various awards for my pages
* Université du Québec à Montréal
* Montréal
* Local weather
* Friends with homepages
* See how I am doing in the Swiss Soccer prediction league: currently and the last seasons.
* See what it costed me to get to Canada.
* See where I have been to
* See which campuses I have visited

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