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Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World

There is now an amazing number of economics institutions on the WWW. This is an attempt by Christian Zimmermann (Center for Research on Economic Fluctuations and Employment - CREFE at University of Quebec at Montreal) to index them. Currently 2068 institutions in 108 countries are listed, and you can help adding more by sending an email to me (please provide the relevant address, contributors are thankfully acknowledged). Links are verified regularly and I appreciate notification of dead or moved servers.

The index is organized by countries, to avoid too long a download. Included are economics departments research centers and institutes in universities, as well as finance ministries, statistical offices, central banks, think tanks, and other non-profit institutions where mainly economists are working. A listing of economics associations and societies has recently been added.

Last update: 17.6.1997

What can this list be useful for? Check out economics programs, find research papers, track down an economist, apply to job openings, see what research other institutions are doing...

The ten most popular listings for May 1997:
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