"A little philosophy inclineth man's mind to atheism, but depth in philosophy bringeth men's minds about to bacon."

                                              -Francis Bacon

The Bacon Page

Welcome to my Bacon Page! I have set up this page for enthusiasts from around the world to enjoy. Bacon's got some bad publicity, but it is my dream that someday, everyone will appreciate this amazing food.

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Coming in July: Health forum, Updated FAQ, Fan Mail, and more Bacon Essays!!
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Other Bacon Resources on the Web

Note: Many of these links have expired. I will be updated everything as soon as I have finished my med school applications!

Bacon Pages (other than this one):

  • Captain Canada's Bacon Worship Page
  • Encyclopedia Britannica's take on bacon
  • Universal bacon cooking instructions
  • Bacon Wave (bacon preparation device)
  • The Original Bacon Page

  • What are the negative effects of bacon consumption?

  • SHK Food's Nutritional Content Page
  • Basic Cholesterol Information
  • How to clean bacon grease

    Sites Tangentially Related to Bacon:

  • The Kevin Bacon Oracle
  • Kevin Bacon television appearances this month
  • Quotes from Francis Bacon
  • The Bacon Game (for children)
  • Bacon Ray (pork rock group)

    Good Pig Links:

  • Pot Bellied Pigs Page (meet a pig named Bacon)
  • Guide to Pork Bellies
  • Oklahoma State University's guide to swine breeds
  • Miss Piggy
  • Babe movie review

    Mail me with comments and questions. Please include the word "bacon" in the subject.

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