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General Information

The CDDB server, otherwise known as cddbd or the CDDB daemon, was created for the enjoyment of Internet users everywhere. The software was written by Steve Scherf at the request of Ti Kan, the creator of the CD database or CDDB. Ti recruited the server sites, whose system resources were donated to allow us to provide this service, and he continues to personally maintain all of the sites.

Use of the servers is free to all without charge. The server source code (cddbd copyright © Steve Scherf) and CD database (CDDB specification copyright © Ti Kan, some parts copyright © Steve Scherf) are freeware, and are distributed under the GNU General Public License.To get a copy of either of these packages, see the Software & Stuff page.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at our discretion. Our system resources are donated, and their abuse will not be allowed.

If you would like to receive periodic mailings pertaining to the CDDB server, you can join the cddb-info mailing list by sending email to with the word "subscribe" in the subject.

CDDB Server News

Notice about DiscPlay 4.0.0: If you are running DiscPlay version 4.0.0, please stop using it. It has numerous bugs related to CDDB and has been causing us a lot of trouble. Please get a newer copy from the Software & Stuff page and use that instead. You'll be much happier for it.
HTTP access to the CDDB servers was recently added. This means you can now access the database over the Internet, even if you're behind a firewall! As long as you can search the web through your firewall, you can use CDDB. Most of the CD players that support CDDB now also support access through HTTP.
We're looking for a potential server site in Australia or New Zealand. If you can direct us to someone who might be willing to provide us with access to a site there, please send email to and let us know!
We are trying to identify all software which supports CDDB. There are several programs which have been making use of the servers that we cannot identify. Attempts at locating the authors of these programs have not been successful. While there's nothing wrong with developers supporting the servers if they want, we'd like to know who they are! If you know the authors of any of the following programs (or if you are one of them), please contact us:

FridgeDatabase, JetAudio, CDPlus, ejb, RQs_CD, Mplay, hessuclient, SwiftCD, cddb-cmp, MusicCD

We'd like to work with you on supporting CDDB.
To our knowledge, there are currently no native Macintosh applications which support CDDB. If you have a favorite CD player application on your Mac that you would like to see support CDDB, we encourage you to contact the author and let him or her know. If you are a developer of Macintosh CD player software, we would love for you to add CDDB support to your program!
I am toying with the idea of releasing the CD database on CD ROM if there is interest in this. It would include a live filesystem containing the Unix and DOS/Windows format of the database as well as the tar/gzip and zip packages themselves. I would also like to include the latest CDDB server and xmcd packages, as well as any other CD player packages that I can get permission to include. The CD would be an ISO-9660 filesystem with Rock Ridge extensions, which means it would be usable on both Unix and DOS/Windows (and also Macintosh, I believe). I would charge a nominal packaging/handling fee of around $25-30, which seems a fair price considering that each CD would have to be individually recorded (I don't have a CD factory, just a single CD-R drive), which takes about 40 minutes. If you would be interested in ordering this product, send email to to let me know. If I get a large enough response, then I'll consider putting it all together. (If response is too good, I may have to limit the number of orders.)
Soon to come, cddbd version 1.4.

CDDB Server Support

Should you experience any trouble accessing any of the the CDDB servers, please read the section on server problems in the FAQ page before contacting us. If after reading the FAQ you still believe there is a legitimate problem with any of the public CDDB servers, please contact us at:

If you would like to have a server site of your own, we can help you do it. Contact us at the support email address if you want help setting one up. We can also provide you with a daily feed of new database entries if you wish.

If you are a software developer who would like to support CDDB in your application, you may also contact us at the support email address. We like to work with developers to help them any way we can. We prefer that applications which support CDDB be freeware or shareware, but commercial software is technically allowed to support CDDB as well.

Developers should be aware that any software developed using the CDDB server or xmcd source code as a base is subject to the terms of the GNU General Public License, and must be made publically available. If you add such CDDB support to your application in the form of a plug-in or an add-on module of some sort, you need only make that part of your package public. Any software developed only from the CDDB specification without the actual use of code from one of the aforementioned programs is not bound by the GNU General Public License.