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The Internet is too valuable a tool to be left to the techies of the world. America Online works hard at making Internet tools that everyone can use without sacrificing any of the features experienced users enjoy. You don't have to be a programmer to enjoy all that the Internet has to offer--all you need is AOL! Don't have a fancy ISDN or T1 line? Worry not--with AOL, you'll be able to take advantage of all the Internet has to offer with the modem you already have.

We've gone a step further than your run-of-the-mill Internet Service Provider to give our members the fastest, most fun, and most powerful Internet experience. Only on AOL will you find tools and content this easy to use and this powerful. And don't forget--AOL is the Internet and more. Check the Internet Connection channel for original programming by and for Internet users.

AOL's Web Browser

AOL's Web browser technology makes accessing the World Wide Web seamless, simple, and fast. With one click, you can go from your favorite AOL forum to the Web and back again. Keep your favorite spots on the Web in the same place as your favorite spots on AOL with AOL's Favorite Places, and jump to a URL straight from our keyword screen.

We've added an extra layer of compression to our Web servers so you can get your Web pages 35 percent faster. Our ingenious system of "caching" helps speed up your surfing even more by storing popular pages on our own computers. And cached pages are updated every few minutes.

America Online gives new members and savvy members alike a place to turn when they're having problems with the Internet. Our Internet Help forum answers all of your Internet questions. Our staff of CyberJockies help manage all of our Internet Connection message boards and chat rooms with their expert help and winning personalities. And we've got the Web Diner for help in constructing Web pages.

AOL's Newsgroup Reader

America Online's Usenet news reader gives you instant access to more than 25,000 discussions happening on the Internet right now. If names like mystify you, set your preferences to see group names in complete English words and get the translation: discussion about IBM personal computers.

Our parental controls let you decide which newsgroups, if any, you want your children to see. Block newsgroups by the words contained in their names. You can even block downloads of all binary posts so that your kids can't get their hands on graphics, sounds, or software.


Point and click your way to downloading software and text files from computers all over the world! AOL's FTP tool makes it easier to do it than to figure out what it stands for. It's easy, but it's also flexible. You can FTP to a place where you own your own account, if you wish.

AOL gives their members 2 Mb of FTP space per screen name for a total of 10 Mb of space per account for free. We dare any ISP to top that. Use the FTP space for private files or public files, like a Web site. You decide!

Our Gopher

Gopher lives on at AOL. Browse through Gopher sites on your own, or read our carefully prepared reviews of the best Gopher resources on the Net. We point to the best Gopher directories so you get the information you're looking for as quickly as possible.

Our Software Libraries


Any Internet tool you could want can be found in our software libraries. Before you go through the trouble of finding and downloading something from the Internet, make sure to check our files first! Our download manager makes it easy to postpone the downloading for later--you won't have to interrupt your session again and again. Just select the files you want, and at the end of your session, start the download process. All of the files you selected will be downloaded, and you'll be logged off automatically as soon as it's done.

Our Web Design Help

We not only give you the space to put up a Web site, we'll help you put it together! Tools like Personal Publisher and My Place make it easy for our members to put up their own Web page. Help for beginners and veterans is available throughout the Internet Connection. Web Diner (keyword: Web Diner) gives you a daily dose of tips, the skinny on the state of the art, and solid advice on Web design. Check InBusiness (keyword: InBiz) for help on marketing your business on the Internet.

Our Fun Features

There's so much information on the Internet that we just can't leave you out there without giving you a helping hand! America Online has made a special effort to point out great Internet content from every area on the service. Find pointers to relevant Internet resources on each channel and forum. And the Internet Connection is full to the brim with Internet happenings, help, and entertainment.

NetGirl gives you a friendly ear and a place to make online friends and romantic connections at keyword: NetGirl. Find the best Internet discussions on Usenet at Newsgroup Scoop (keyword: Scoop). InBusiness guides your use of the Internet to help your business.

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