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The Gays-Lesbian Group of the Workers´ Party of
São Paulo, created in 1992, has contributed to the organization
of the homosexuals. The group aimed to protect sexual choice
of men and women who love persons of their same sex.

The Workers Party and
the homosexual issue

1- The Gay-Lesbian Group of PT
2- Homosexuals councilor candidates

1- The Gay-Lesbian Group of PT

The Gay-Lesbian Group of PT (NGLPT) has been working together with the gay-lesbian movement since 1992. The NGLPT fights for homosexual human rights, it is a means for proposing law projects, so PT (Workers Party) members can forward those laws and call public attention to homosexual citizenship issues.

Since its foundation, PT fights for the right of discriminated minority groups to join together and organize themselves against prejudice. The Gay-Lesbian Group (NGL) of PT is part of this policy and represents a group of people that lives an everyday violence, ignored by the society due to prejudice against homosexuals.

The NGL has played its role in PT election campaigns by rejecting discrimination, by suggesting insertion of gay-lesbian issues in many political proposals of PT members, by promoting AIDS prevention, etc.

The NGL also helped to make the Brazilian gay-lesbian movement stronger. It took part of the organization of many national wide meetings and of Gay Pride at the city of São Paulo. Today we are fighting against neonazism represented by skinheads groups that has promoted violent acts against gay community in Brazil.

At the present moment, mayors and city counselors election is on the way (election will be in October 3rd), we are supporting candidates in many Brazilian cities. Those public assumed gay-lesbian candidacies help to enhance visibility and arouses national public discussion on this issue.

We also support the Civil contract for same sex people project proposed by the Federal Deputy Marta Suplicy, that is different from a gay marriage, but it answers to the need of a legal regulation of many stable union with respect to the governmental rights to health care, heritage, etc. This project does not intent to have marriage status or rights, its does not grants the right to adopt children, although any citizen remains with the right to do so. At the present moment we are making a campaign to explain the society this project and to reject false information spread by many sectors of the communication means. This way we hope we can reduce the hindrances to get approval of the project.

To start this battle and to make all those things reality, a strong party was needed, and this party still is of fundamental importance to continue fighting. The Workers Party (PT) was the first party in Brazil to open the discussion about homosexuality. Since its foundation, many members has fight against discrimination of Gays, Lesbians and Travesties. It was the only one to include effective suggestions against discrimination due to sexual orientation in a presidential candidate government plan (Lula, 1994). Its is also the party that has presented the higher volume of projects aiming the end of discrimination and total citizenship for everybody.

For all that and for many other things that PT has done, that the Gays-Lesbian Group of PT (NGLPT) is at each time stronger in the battle for freedom and democracy for Brazilian people that love someone of their same sex.

Rua Pedro Taques, 68
01415-010 São Paulo - SP - Brazil
Phone number: (5511) 259-8411

2- Homosexuals councilor candidates

Below the relation of the homosexuals councilor candidates of the Workers´ Party.

Adamor GuedesManaus (AM)ABGLT
Cláudio Nascimento SilvaRio de Janeiro (RJ)Arco-Íris
Davi LopesSantos (SP)--
Elias LilikãSão Paulo (SP)Caehusp
Gerardo SantiagoRio de Janeiro (RJ)Sind dos Bancários
João Batista MarianoPoços de Caldas (MG)--
Roberto RochaCampinas (SP)Expressão
Toni ReisCuritiba (PR)Dignidade
Vivaldo Elpídio da SilvaNatal (RN)Golf
Virgínia FigueiredoRio de Janeiro (RJ)--

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