Five Iron Frenzy - The Band

Five Iron Frenzy is a ska/punk/pop band from Denver, Colorado. We held our first practices in May of 1995. The members consisted of Keith Hoerig, Reese Roper, Micah Ortega, Scott Kerr, and Andrew (Chaka) Verdecchio. After acquiring Brad as a trumpet player (June '95), we began to incorporate ska in with our already eclectic montage of styles. Dennis and Jeff (the girl) joined the following August. After completing the line-up we began playing more frequently in the Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins area, and have had the opportunity to play with many great bands such as Less Than Jake, MU330, Mealticket, Mephiskapheles, Goldfinger, Insatiable, Johnny Socko, the Skeletones, the 'Vengers, Rhythm Collision, MxPx, Stavesacre, and some others that I can't seem to recall.

Many have inquired as to the origin of our name, so here's the story: A friend of ours was going downtown one evening, and decided to bring along a golf club for defense (apparantly there were a few individuals who were looking to do him harm). As he was leaving our house, he began to tell of a time when he and his younger brother were miniature golfing. He said his sibling was "going crazy with the putter, it was like putter mayhem." Scott happened to notice he was carrying a 5 iron and said "five iron frenzy." We were looking for a band name at the time, and it stuck.

In June of 1996 we released our first recorded material, a 7" entitled "It's funny, but not very creative."

In August of 1996 Five Iron Frenzy signed with Five Minute Walk Records. We recorded our first full-length album in September. "Upbeats and Beatdowns" was released November 29th, 1997.

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