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Wednesday, July 2, 1997

Jimmy Stewart dies

He played the dreamy American idealist.

Reuters report.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 1939

"You all think I'm licked. Well, I'm not licked, and I'm going to stay right here and fight for this lost cause even if this room gets filled with lies like these, and the Taylors and all their armies come marching into this place." More quotes.

The Jimmy Stewart Museum.

DaveNet: Microsoft's Money.

Excite's news-collecting robot: NewsTracker. It works!

List of websites indexed daily by NewsTracker.

Original piece about jit-se's: Floating Ideas, 9/7/96.

USA Today: Microsoft, CBS deny takeover report.

CNN: Scientists giddy as Pathfinder nears Mars.

Wired News: Mag Editors Impose Editorial-Ad Rules.

Ivo Spigel: Report from Croatia.

Netscape's No Hair Club For Men.


Tuesday, July 1, 1997

DaveNet: Lost in ActiveX.

Chuck Shotton: Link Piracy and Java.

Mail Starting 7/1/97.

Stanford Protocol Proposal for Internet Search and Retrieval .

Want to work for Netscape? This page may change your mind.

Want to work for Microsoft? This page might change your mind.

I spent an hour or so playing with the new HotWired 4.0 website. I was using a 3.0 browser, and suspect I'm not getting the full effect. I looked for a page explaining where they're going, but couldn't find one. They're having a party tonight in SF, I'll ask some more questions then.

MC News: How Sun is Marketing.

Back issues...

Scripting News -- July 1997

Monday, June 30, 1997

DaveNet: Java is a Brand.

In response to Java is a Brand, Dave Buell, dbuell@ls.com asks: "In your mind, take Java forward. Let it mature. Now compare this mature Java with Smalltalk. What does Java do better?"

Julie Pitta in Forbes: Format wars.

Chris Nolan in the SJ-Merc: Wired cocktail party in the park.

Aug 4-5 in Boston: Be Developer Conference.

I need some help... I'm putting together a DaveNet piece right now, and am looking for the new Sun TV ad for Java. The ad is very cool, a bunch of slides that come on and off the screen quickly. It talks about limits, you don't know who the ad is for, but by the time they show the name, Java, you're interested and almost have a clue. This ad would play really well on a website. I just spent 15 minutes looking for it on http://www.sun.com/. If you can find the ad, please send me a pointer asap. Thanks! dwiner@well.com.

Sending email from a script on a Mac: MondoMail Pro.

Your sysop...


Sunday, June 29, 1997

Kleiner-Perkins Java Fund partner Ted Schlein on Java.

Mail Starting 6/29/97.


Saturday, June 28, 1997

Steve Johnson on Free Speech.

PC WEEK on growing pains at www.microsoft.com. It's a huge complex high-traffic site.

How Microsoft manages www.microsoft.com. Explains how the servers work, but doesn't explain their editorial process, how templates flow, how people write for their site and how they update all those pages.

MacWEEK: Steve Wozniak says Apple's purchase of Next was a mistake. He says the money would have better been spent on education. Good point! I'd add, just think what a $400 million cash infusion could have meant to the Mac developer community. See Gotta Be Aretha!, 1/8/96, for some ideas. Of course what's done is done, the money is gone. Too bad!

And news.com wonders if Steve Jobs has sold his Apple stock.

Late June Home Page Changes.


Friday, June 27, 1997

DaveNet: E Pluribus Unum.

A loop repeated... In the 80s, popular music was under attack in much the same way the web is. The PMRC was started in 1985 by Tipper Gore, Vice-President Al Gore's wife.

By the time a child is 18, he or she will see 80,000 murders on TV and will never see a couple making love.

In the San Jose Mercury-News, John Russo of GeoNet says "Obviously, no one advocates that children enjoy unrestricted access to porn sites." I understand that my views are not widely held, but I think exposing children to human sexuality at an early age would avoid many problems later in life. We lie to kids about sexuality. The lie is that it doesn't exist. The truth is that everyone, even children, are sexual.

Mail Starting 6/27/97.

Netgrams -- send a telegram to your congressperson.

Our runtime environment: The United States Constitution.

A great song! It's a small world.


Thursday, June 26, 1997


The Communication Decency Act has been overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The text of the decision.

Party Today! in San Francisco.

The White House statement.

Special coverage sites: SJ Merc, www.news.com.

The web blackout commemorative site.

Mail Starting 6/26/97.

I totally dig this picture!

If other people are into creating graphics to commemorate the victory, send me a link!

Other stuff...

News.com: Netscape's JavaScript is declared a standard. Borland, Sun and Microsoft contribute to the spec.

Yesterday was a big hit day on Scripting News. Makes sense. But I thought most of the hits would be on Java-related pages. Not true. Looking at yesterday's log digest, the top story was Brent's piece on Connectix Virtual PC for the Mac. That was a surprise!

Everyone who wants to understand high-tech marketing in 1997 should read Marketing Warfare.

Let's also take a look at where we were in the summer of 1995 just before Windows 95 launched.


Wednesday, June 25, 1997

The Scripting News page gets a column of callouts down the left edge. I'm using this space for permanent messages that don't scroll, and to allow a new way to flow small bits of graphics thru the page. Get the source at the fat pages site.

More Java opinions in Doc Searls on Conversations.

Just-in-time search engines: NewBot -- June Report.

DaveNet: Making Sense of Java.

Mail Starting 6/25/97.

Brent Simmons on Virtual PC for the Mac.

How to choose the perfect PC. (Great use of Flash 2.0.)

NewsHub appears to be a just-in-time search engine.

News.com: Microsoft is adding Castanet-like features to IE 4.0.

The WebMonkey man named Taylor hates tables! (Me too...)

"Honesty is the best policy," said George Burns. "If you can fake that, you got it made."


Tuesday, June 24, 1997

DaveNet: LineTo MoveTo.

Mail Starting 6/24/97.

Steve Wozniak on Web Graphics.

Tomorrow or Thursday: Rally Against Internet Censorship in SF.

Do you read German? If so, check out this review of Frontier in c't.

New scripting.com feature: Special Stories Site. It's a reverse-chronologic list of the special stories, dating back to 2/8/97. The page is rebuilt every night at 2AM so it will stay current automatically. The source for the macro that generates this page is on the fat pages site.

This is cooool! Turtle graphics in a CGI application.

From MIT's Media Lab: Turtle graphics for Java.

Inside Macintosh: Chapter 2 - Basic QuickDraw.

6/9/97: Macromedia Flash.

"It's a pure branding play" says Scott Guthery on Java.

Is Java write-once, run-anywhere? PC Magazine says no.

PC WEEK reports problems with JavaOS include stability, performance, printing, internationalization, font support and the lack of a device driver interface.


Monday, June 23, 1997

DaveNet: 800 Words on Java.

Microsoft's Cornelius Willis On Java.

MacWEEK's Carolyn Said likes Connectix Virtual PC.

Mail Starting 6/23/97.

Webintosh on Flash.

Infoworld: Compaq to acquire Tandem.

Leonard Rosenthol: ICScriptor 1.1.

C|Net launches Snap! Online.

Jeff Veen gets a scoop. Web browsers are boring! Right on.


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