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COOL:Biz is a comprehensive business modeling toolset for business and workflow modeling that promotes an understanding of current organizations and processes with a "common language" for communicating business needs. It is based on the highly respected Rummler-Brache methodology for process mapping and job design. Business and IT professionals can work together to design processes that directly address problems and implement goals.

Former Product Name: KEY:Model


COOL:Enterprise is a proven OS/2-based tool suite for model-driven development of host-based and client/server applications. It is a complete client/server development environment, generating source code, map definitions, graphical user interface resources, database definitions and network protocol definitions.

Former Product Name: KEY:Enterprise


COOL:Dat for logical and physical database design and database management supports integrated data, data flow and database modeling. Implementing the ANSI three-tier architecture, conceptual, logical and physical data models are maintained separately to provide flexibility, but are linked so that changes in one are reflected in the other. These changes are, in turn, reflected in the business models resulting in truly integrated modeling and development projects.

Former Product Name: KEY:Model


COOL:Gen is a full-lifecycle model-based application development environment. It allows developers to model and generate 100% error free code in a structured, iterative and repeatable manner. High-level specifications are driven forward into dynamic, scalable applications targeting multiple platforms. For distributed applications, COOL:Gen generates all the code required for both client and server, as well as the required communications middleware. COOL:Gen can also be used to design and construct software components, deliver Internet-enabled applications, and to wrapper legacy software for inclusion in new systems.

Former Product Name: Composer


COOL:Jex is an object oriented analysis and design solution supporting the Unified Modeling Language (UML) industry standard notation. It allows modeling of complex application requirements, driven directly from business requirements. Use Case scenarios, Class Hierarchies, Events and Object Collaborations are all supported and integrated. And COOL:Jex interfaces with Integrated Development Environments such as Microsoft's Visual C++ to provide round-trip engineering.


COOL:Cubes, a component-based development environment, represents the latest in Component Based Development technology. Users can assemble applications from predefined, pre-tested components for quality and efficiency. It contains tools for modeling specifications and interfaces, plus component design techniques to maximize reuse. Model-based generation ensures platform portability of components. Additionally, existing applications can be componentized and/or wrappered to harvest their value in future development efforts. COOL:Cubes will implement the Catalysis component development methodology.


Capabilities that enhance the value of all of the above products.
Advise - On-line methodology and project planning tool for use by project teams on business modeling and applications development projects.
Webview - Enables Internet/intranet access to business models. Automatically publishes current version of models, diagrams and content via the worldwide web or the organization intranet.

Former Product Names: KEY:Advise and KEY:Webview

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