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      What is MHEG ?

    The scope of MHEG (Multimedia & Hypermedia Expert Group) is to specify semantics and final-form interchange syntax for all multimedia objects.

    MHEG-1, ISO/IEC 13522-1 international standard, specifies the coded representation of multimedia/hypermedia information objects (MHEG objects) for interchange as final form units within or across services and applications, by any means of interchange including local area networks, wide area telecommunication or broadcast networks, storage media, etc.


      What is MHEG-5 ?

    MHEG-5 (ISO/IEC 13522-5) is the fifth part of MHEG . This part defines the MHEG object classes for interchange and use in base-level applications intended to be run on limited resource terminals such as set-top-boxes in such contexts as interactive broadband services.

    ISO/IEC 13522-5 defines the coded representation for program objects in an open manner so that program objects may encapsulate either standardised or proprietary program coding. ISO/IEC 13522-5 allows program objects to be included or reference programs that may be encoded in any encoding format as defined by the application domain.

    MHEG-5, the basic level of MHEG for broadcast and interactive TV, has been adopted by DAVIC, the Digital Audio-Visual Council, which groups together lots of big names in the computer, ITV, software, network and protocol business.


      What is MHEG-6 ?

    MHEG-6 (ISO/IEC 13522-6) extends the coded representation defined by ISO/IEC 13522-5 and defines it for the Content attribute of the MHEG-5 InterchangedProgram class.

    MHEG objects are usually produced by computer tools taking multimedia applications designed using multimedia scripting languages as a source form. In this context, the MHEG script (or program) classes are intended to complement the other MHEG classes in expressing the functionality commonly supported by scripting languages. Program objects express more powerful control mechanisms and describe more complex relationships among MHEG objects than can be expressed by MHEG action and link objects alone. Furthermore, program objects express access and interaction with external services provided by the run-time environment.


      Why choose MHEG-5 and MHEG-6 solutions?

    If you are interested in creating applications to be provided for ITV users, you may perhaps have seen other solutions that seem attractive. Some companies provide their own solution that should work on today's equipment. But do you really want to invest in their proprietary solution, become dependent on it, and perhaps find that their engine is not available for a platform that your target users have chosen ? NO, certainly not !

    So take the standard for all future ITV programs from now on !

    MHEG-5 is the future International Standard. The ISO & IEC signatures are your warranty. Nobody owns MHEG-5 since it is a standard. MHEG-5 ensures interoperability across all platforms. MHEG-5 is free. MHEG-5 is accessible and fully documented. MHEG-5 is open to all coding standards the media can use. This guarantees compatibility with all platforms and evolution to every coding that may provide higher compression rates or better quality in the future. More information on MHEG-5 on the MHEG home page.

    The future International Standard for ITV is ready : take it NOW !


      What about MHEG-5 authoring tools ?

    CCETT provides MhegDitor, a friendly authoring tool based on Macromedia Director. MhegDitor is composed of an Authoring Xtra and of a converter Xtra to convert Director5.0 movies into textual MHEG-5 applications (ISO/IEC 13522-5).

    MhegDitor uses all the power of Macromedia Director 5.0 to produce MHEG-5 multimedia applications.

    Versions and releases
    Common features Available on MacOS, Windows 3.1, 95 and NT platforms
    English and French versions, but any native language is usable
    MHEG-5 textual notation only
    MhegDitor 1.2 MHEG-5 DIS Authoring and Converter
    Available now, but MHEG-5 DIS subset
    MhegDitor 1.3 MHEG-5 IS Authoring and Converter
    Available now (March 97)
    Next releases Dynamic objects, MHEG-6 scripts, DAVIC compliance

    Technical information Licence order
    Pierrick Leroy
    E-mail to:
    Pierre Charbonnel
    E-mail to:



      What is MhegDitor ?

    Anybody can develop MHEG-5 authoring tools since MHEG is a standard that doesn't belong to anybody. So many other authoring tools should come on the market. Take a look at our solution and see why it is the best :

    GREAT ! I want to know more about this tool...


      What is Director ?

    Director is the most powerful creative tool for multimedia applications. It's a friendly editor based on several windows which allow you to sort and edit your cast members and place them into a score. Its leadership position has never been so strong as today.

    Macromedia is becoming one of the most unavoidable software editors. They have relationships with all the big names in computer hardware and software. They also achieve year to year growth in excess of 100%. You can find all additional information about them on the Macromedia web site. Or alternatively, follow this direct link if you want more information about Director.


      Display samples of textual MHEG-5 IS Objects

    Any MHEG-5 object shall have an octet representation. For interchange purposes, the octet representation shall be compliant with a grammar based on the ASN.1 syntax or with a textual notation grammar defined in the standard. The application domain shall choose which representation to use: ASN.1 or textual notation; and that representation shall then be used exclusively throughout the application domain.


      Download a Video On Demand MHEG-5 IS Application

    CineHome is a Video On Demand application composed of MHEG-5 objects (TEXT files) , graphics (BMP files) and videos (AVI files) . To play this application, you need a MHEG-5 IS compliant interpreter.


    With MhegDitor, the Macromedia slogan has never been so true :

    Author once,
    play on every platform !



    MhegDitor is the tool that brings the future closer ...

    and it's available at present !

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