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  An Introduction to Synchronicites  

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The Synchronicities

  Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite  
The trippiest segment of 2001 with Pink Floyd's classic, "Echoes".
This one is, in my own opinion, simply amazing!!
(Last  6/19/97)

  Dark Side of the Rainbow  
The classic fantasy film, The Wizard of Oz, with a whole new side... the Dark Side of the Moon.
A favorite of
(Last  6/19/97)

  Wish You Were Here/Blade Runner  
Ridley Scott's futuristic sci-fi thriller and Floyd's Crazy Diamond.
(Last  6/15/97)

  Wish You Were Here/Akira  
The radical Japanimation mindtrip and Floyd's Crazy Diamond.
( 6/15/97 )

The magic of Disney animation with the sounds of Pink Floyd.

  Various Mind's Eye Synchs  
Computer Graphics Videos that fit to just about ANYTHING...

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The Magic Theatre
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to the Synchronicity Arkive!!
An Introduction to Synchronicites
The match formed by a piece of visual imagery (video tape or film) with an unrelated piece of music, which forms a new and different experience from that originally intended by either work.

Synchronicities are instances where a certain clip, or even a whole movie, are found to fit extraordinarily well with different music, specifically music that evokes a surreal, or psychedelic, feel, that is intensified by the pairing.

News and Updates

Synchronostic events offer us perceptions
that may be useful in our psychological and spiritual growth
and may reveal to us, through intuitive knowledge,
that our lives have meaning.

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