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FutureSource Real-Time Data and Analysis for MetalsNet Members

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FutureSource is the real-time information and analysis provider for the metals markets 

MetalsNet is designed for traders who need an update on where the market is trading and what cash market and news information is behind the latest market movements.  MetalsNet makes it all available at a cost that makes sense for anyone in the scrap metals market to use. 

Many traders, dealers, processors, and recyclers,  however, need to stay on top on the market in real-time, tick by tick.  They also need a more complete picture of market activity with such features as charting, technical analysis, and keyword search of the market news and commentary.  Professional traders turn to FutureSource, to provide the real-time solution for their metals market information needs. 

A range of products to meet your trading information needs 

At FutureSource, we have thousands of traders around the world that rely on us to provide them a range of real-time solutions from simple and fast quotes and news display to sophisticated charting, technical analysis, and options analysis and simulation.  We deliver the premier professional datafeed that supports this range of software.  And we support these products with the staff that has earned the industries leading reputation for service and support. 

Products tailor made for the metals industry 

All of our products offer the availability of worldwide metals market coverage, and comprehensive news coverage of not only the metals markets, but the economic, financial and cash market factors that impact your trading. 

Our newest products, FutureSource Expert and Expert Advisor, come complete with fixed format pages covering the London Metal Exchange.  These pages offer you an instant view of Ring and Kerb prices, Official and Unofficial Exchange prices, Warehouse stocks, along with Contributor pages showing prices from the LME contributor firms. 

Look through our web site to see some of the products we have to offer.  Better yet, call us directly and allow us help you design a system that meets your trading needs and budget.  

1-800-621-2628 (Within the US) 
1-630-792-2001 (Outside the US) 
44 171-867 8867 (European Head Office) 
E-Mail:  sales@metalsnet.com

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